Foil Stamp Wedding Invitations

Rachel from Jolie Jolie featured these utterly gorgeous black and white wedding invitations from a designer friend of hers — and I am completely smitten with the foil stamp details on the black reception/rsvp card:

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6a00e554ee8a22883301347fe90ffe970c 500wi Foil Stamp Wedding Invitations
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Aside from the line-drawing heart on the vellum belly band (a nod to Deny’s proposal), the invitation is completely devoid of imagery, but makes a huge graphic impact through the contrasting typography — letterpress printed in blue ink on white paper for the main invitation and blue foiling on black paper for the reception card.  I love it all!

{image credits: Manu Chau Photography via jolie jolie}

  1. Deny has always created great pieces, but for his
    wedding invitation he out did himself and we are very
    thankful that he included us in the process of foil stamping
    and letterpress.

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