Seasonal Stationery: Easter and Passover Cards

Even though I've been crunching away on Easter candy for the last few weeks, I was kindly reminded yesterday that Easter and Passover are really just around the corner!  So in case you're looking for a couple of last-minute cards, here are a few options to consider:

Anemone-letterpress-easter-bunny-card{anemone letterpress}

Hawker-gerber-letterpress-easter-card{hawkgerber ink}


Paisley-dog-press-easter-card{paisley dog press}

Sycamore-street-press-easter-card{sycamore street press}

Paper-dragonfly-easter-card{paper dragonfly studio}

Star-shaped-press-easter-card{starshaped press}

Letterpress-workshop-denmark-easter-card{letterpress workshop denmark — for those of you in Europe!}

Turquoise-creative-easter-card{turquoise creative}

Unfortunately, the Passover card selection is looking a bit slim, but my girls at Two Trick Pony are keeping the Passover spirit alive in their shop:

Two-trick-pony-passover-card{two trick pony}

{images from their respective sources}

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