The Small Object

I love these marriage and birth certificates from The Small Object:

Small Object Birth Announcement 500x335 The Small Object

Small Object Modern Black Wedding Certificate The Small Object

Small Object Modern Papercut Marriage Certificate The Small Object

Each certificate is printed on archival paper designed to last one hundred years – and I love the papercut-inspired design.  Check ‘em all out over at The Small Object shop here.
{images via the small object}
  1. I adore the red and white marriage certificate – it would’ve been perfect for our wedding. Our actual marriage certificate was about the ugliest document you can imagine – and the “unofficial decorative” certificate was even worse! I imagine some people might frame those, but it sure won’t be us. ;-) I’m always envious when I see gorgeous, artistic ketubahs… but had I seen these before our wedding, I definitely would’ve scooped one. (Although I guess I can always fake it after the fact, hmmm…)

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