Just when you think you’ve seen everything…

…you see a wedding invitation packaged in a tin can:




The invitation was greated by Greek designer Chris Trivizas and is literally all in Greek, so I can't read the invitation myself, but the invitation apparently includes instructions to guests to tie the can to the couple's getaway car (naturally) at the wedding.  What do you all think about this unusual wedding invitation idea?


{images via Chris Trivizas, found via Lovely Package}

  1. So, so cool. At a time when traditional etiquette is flying out the window, I can’t tell you how often a bride asks for an invitation that is “her”. This is unique and would be perfect for a fun loving couple with a quirky sense of humour. Would love to know how he gets that in the can and seals it.


  2. Interesting and very unique. I have to agree with Atlas Designs and would like to know how it gets sealed, packaged, and mailed.


  3. Wow, this has me thinking of all the places I could shove an invitation! I think the back of a milk carton would be fun! Gosh, it’s great to see where people’s creativity takes them.


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