Smudge Ink

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Smudge Ink is a small band of illustrators, printers, and wordsmiths brought together by an inexplicable devotion to snail mail. We create lighthearted, punchy greetings with a knack for making you grin. We always enjoy working on custom projects like wedding invitations, birth announcements, and holiday cards! Whatever the occasion, we would love to work with you to bring your vision to life! We can either start from one of our existing designs or create something entirely new. Either way, the process begins with getting to know you and the inspiration behind the event or project.

From the initial sketch to the umpteenth print run, we live by creativity, color, and craftsmanship. Our happy place is a mailbox stuffed with real mail (think: made of paper, written with a pen, sealed in an envelope, no wi-fi necessary). We love that what we do helps others connect, celebrate, and have fun! Permission to bust out the party hats, granted always.

Based in Charlestown, a neighborhood of Boston, we design, print, and package products right here in our working studio.