Momental Designs


Your story is art, painted beautifully.

Kristy Rice is indeed a storyteller of style; communicating for her brides in paint and pen, paper and prose, very personal stories with attention to detail and an unmistakable sense of hand.

Since a young age, Kristy has been immersed in the visual. Art is for her not an act, but a lifestyle. Whether painting on location in Zion National Park or drawing imaginary flora on the walls of her sunroom, Kristy lives her art. She is an artist-turned-stationery designer.

The Momental Team is made up of lifelong and new friends who share, among other things, several degrees in art and education. They ensure that each bride feels empowered and delighted by their Momental experience. As professionals, they possess the skill and talent to create exquisite, breathtaking designs. As friends, they understand the importance of the personal touches that transform each finished product into a breathtaking work of art; one that tells a story of life, friendship, and love.