Emily Rose Ink


At Emily Rose Ink, our mission is to create wedding invitations and paper goods that will serve as meaningful keepsakes, works of art that celebrate your story as a couple.

I love creating invitations that reflect the unique personality of my clients — whether it be their love of animals, their passion for the outdoors, or the story of how they met — and I believe that the right invitation suite can make even the largest wedding feel special and intimate. My invitations often have a sense of place – whether it’s a venue illustration or a floral border inspired by the local colors and varieties of flowers that will be used in their wedding. I love using vintage stamps; it’s fun for me to choose stamps that correspond to the couple’s geographical location, their history, or their interests, and they dress up an envelope in a way that makes each guest feel like they are opening a beautifully decorated gift when they receive their invitation. I want it to feel like they are being invited to step into your lives.

I work primarily with watercolor and calligraphy, mediums that lend themselves well to my whimsical, romantic design aesthetic. I’m inspired by architecture and the colors of nature. Whether it’s simple and elegant, playful and bold, or bohemian chic, all of my designs play with tradition and give the wedding a unique, personal, and down-to-earth touch.

I’m a hopeless romantic who is most passionate about love, beauty, and friendship – and weddings are a combination of this magical trifecta, so it’s only natural that I found myself in this industry! I STILL cry when I watch strangers’ wedding videos, and my favorite part of my job is getting to see the couples’ pictures after the big day. I also believe that weddings should be not only beautiful but meaningful, and that invitations can serve this purpose by incorporating the little details of your life into the design.