Bright Room Studio


Bright Room Studio is a boutique stationery studio specializing in custom paper goods for life’s biggest and best moments. It began in my second floor home office with a wall of windows overlooking the backyard. The sunny room not only gave the company its name, but also became a metaphor for how I like to work with our clients. I believe the design process should be open and collaborative and end with designs and products that they can’t stop staring at because they love them so much!

I’ve been doodling lettering since I was a kid and always designed casually, but it wasn’t until my own wedding, where I obsessed over every little paper good, that I decided to make my passion my profession. I love working with people who are going through amazing and joyful times in their lives and nothing makes me happier than happy clients.

My style features a lot of hand lettering and illustration, hand-crafted details, fun colors and a little bit of whimsy.

I love being a part of all of life’s big moments so, in addition to custom wedding invitation, love to all the elements for your big day such as escort cards, menus, and fun signs.

I married my junior prom date in September of 2012 (nearly 10 years after that prom) in Sebastopol, California and have a soft spot for wine country weddings and high school sweethearts. I love working alongside my pup Nilla, lattes and podcasts. When I’m not sketching, lettering and perusing Pinterest, you can usually find me with Nilla at the dog park or catching up on a TV series with my husband.