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The 2020 General Election is fully underway. It’s happening for most of us right now, with just two weeks left to cast our votes! I know many of us are voting early this year, either through mail-in ballots, ballot drop boxes, or in-person early voting. Have you made a voting plan yet? Have you already cast your ballot? I’m voting by mail this year, and I’m excited to cast my ballot for Biden/Harris 2020.

Joe Biden Digital Yard Sign

A digital yard sign from the Biden/Harris 2020 campaign! You can find a few more here.

As you all know, Joe Biden wasn’t my first or even second choice during the primaries, but I’m enthusiastically voting FOR Biden in the general election. I’ve been encouraged by his adoption of progressive policies from other primary candidates – particularly on childcare, student loan debt, and the environment – and I think he can be pushed further on issues like universal health care once elected.

I’ve also been heartened by his empathy and compassion, which our country so desperately needs right now. And I know Joe Biden will bring together a cabinet full of smart, competent people to help bring our country out of this crisis and navigate the path forward with an emphasis on equity and helping those who need it most. I want to have confidence in my government’s ability to manage complicated issues, and I know I can trust Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to do just that.

If you were hoping for a more progressive candidate like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie, I totally empathize with you. The fact is that our current “centrist” policies in the United States would be considered right wing in any other developed country. I’m beyond frustrated with Republican policies that force people to live under poverty wages and struggle under mountains of debt, all while billionaires continue to accumulate wealth at our expense. And I’m terrified of what another four years of Trump would do to this country. It’s so incredibly important that we all show up to vote for Joe Biden while also continuing to do the work of pushing for the big, structural change we so desperately need. 

And for my DC friends, here’s who I’m voting for in our local elections this year: We have two at-large Council seats up for grabs, plus an at-large seat on our State Board of Education (SBOE). I know it can be tough to research all the candidates, so I thought I’d share that I’m voting for Ed Lazere and Markus Batchelor for the Council seats and Mysiki Valentine for SBOE. Both Markus and Ed have strong platforms focused on racial and economic justice, while Mysiki is a strong advocate for equity in our public education system. They’ll all bring a much needed perspective to the DC Council and SBOE.  I’m also voting yes on Initiative 81. Happy to answer any questions from fellow DC voters!

Thank You For Voting

Also, my friend Erin Geiger Smith wrote this amazing book, Thank You For Voting, all about the history and importance of voting – from the electoral college and women’s suffrage to voter suppression. It’s a fantastic read during election season! You can grab a copy here. There’s also a kids version!

Happy voting everyone!

  1. Thank you for using your platform to share, Nole — we must all push forward toward a better future rooted in equity, empathy, and compassion for all.

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