Carmen + Tj’s Bilingual Topographic Map Wedding Invitations

Kathleen from & Kathleen Design always gets to design the coolest wedding invitations.  Today, she’s here to share one of her most recent projects – a bilingual wedding invitation suite with a topographic map detail!  In addition to cool topography, Kathleen incorporated bright colors and fresh font selections to keep the overall design bright and modern.


From KathleenI created these modern, travel-inspired, and bilingual wedding invitations for Carmen and TJ.  Carmen works as an urban designer and her father is a geographer – the love of maps runs in her family.  She specified that she loves bright color and wanted a sharp, contemporary feel to her wedding invitations.



Together we brainstormed and decided to use graphic elements from a topographical map of Ohio, where Carmen & TJ are getting married.  I didn’t want Carmen and TJ’s wedding invitations to look too technical or literal so I played with scale and color throughout the suite.



I used a modern color combination of lime green and gray and printed the invitations on a textured laid stock which brings a tactile element to the design and keeps the invitation design from feeling too stark.


Lovely as always Kathleen!  For more of Kathleen’s beautiful design work, check out her blog right here!

Photo Credits: Kathleen Shannon

  1. this is the first bilingual invite I’ve ever seen–kathleen did a nice job keeping it simple.

  2. Thanks, Nole, for sharing these on OSBP!

    Jessica – These are actually the second set of bilingual invites I’ve designed. I look forward to doing more!

  3. I really like this stationery. That texture is just awesome! So it’s not layered paper, it’s just a unique stock? Very cool! What’s that font in the “please reply”, by the way? Thanks for sharing!

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