Shana + Edward’s Hardcover Book Wedding Invitations

These invitations are from a bride who is after my own paper-loving heart.  When it came to her wedding invitations, Shana decided to take the concept of a book style wedding invitation to a whole new level.  Shana crafted each one of the 160 hardcover invitation books by hand – the assembly effort alone leaves me a little breathless.  I’ll leave it to the lady behind the invitations to tell you all about it!


From Shana:  Each invitation consists of a hardbound book, with a white book cloth exterior, magenta flocked interior and milkweed speckled cover stock.  Each of the 160 books was completely made by hand, including the design, printing, and binding. My husband and I trimmed all of the papers and book boards and adhered them with PVA glue.




After we finished making the shells (an effort that took around 4.5 months), we adhered the interior pages.  The RSVP page had a fuchsia envelope, custom card with a thought bubble for writing the bride and groom a note, and a handcrafted label.  It was enclosed with 4 black photo corners.


When removed from the book, there was a surprise message to be found on the page.  For directions, I adhered a black half moon enclosure with a folded parchment map inside.  A simple “Pull Me” instructed guests to pull out the paper to see the hand illustrated map.  The imagery inside the book was inspired by old Victorian botanic encyclopedias.




As the wedding was at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, I wanted the design to reflect the illustrations.  The final page has a silhouette of me, my fiancé Edward, and our dog Chum Chum.  The books were tied with a black silk ribbon and of course handmade stickers of an old Dahlia that was designed to match the books colors: black, fuchsia and the cream of the paper.


The book was placed in a cream box with fuchsia tissue paper, then wrapped in brown paper and another custom label.  Even the stamp was custom made – a photo of us at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in front of the Cherry Blossom Trees in full bloom, holding a sign that said “Look Inside.”


Other pieces included flower pot favors that also acted as seating cards, table number cards (all having different antique flower illustrations), a hand painted ketubah, hand-trimmed and designed circular menus, and ceremony – each program had a different cover and in the inside there was a small pink envelope that enclosed an “H” monogrammed tissue for “happy tears.”  My mother decorated all of the yarmulkes by hand.


I’m so impressed Shana!  Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful invitations with us!

{image credits: shana hale}

  1. These are amazing…I really don’t even have words to discribe how much I love these! I can’t believe they were created by hand.

  2. Oh my these are just so beautiful! We did a big oooo when we saw them!

  3. Where on earth would a bride like me get the resources to do something like THAT!?!?!? Any help in the right direction? I am having my wedding at a greenhouse and LOVE the idea!

  4. These are more than amazing, these are astonishingly gorgeous and I can’t get over how hard they worked to create these. Simply stunning!

  5. Wow!! So gorgeous and such a great idea if you’re having a wedding surrounded by lots of other wedding-related events. (We definitely could’ve used something like this!) Beautiful work!

  6. These are amazingly breathtaking! I’ve been trying to get ideas together for my fiance and my invitations. I was thinking a antique book look until he said he’d prefer more geometric shapes with a modern look, eek! So now I’ve been looking for a book I could draw on.

    Shana did you have a template to make the book cover? Or any ideas anyone on how to make a cover such as this?

  7. i’m curious…where did you find the book materials…i want to do something nice like this for a school project and have scouring the internet and haven’t found anything.

    p.s. stunning work by the way…the arts and crafter in me is giddy with excitement to try this out

  8. Shana,

    Any way you can send me a template for the pages? I love this idea and would love to re-create something similar if it’s okay with you!

  9. I would like to make this for my wedding. This is my second wedding and with 4 kids I’m making everything due to budget issues. I’m starting on things like this now for a september 2013 wedding. I have no idea how to do this and no clue where to buy the papers, help please?!

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