Danielle + Rob’s Rustic Chipboard Wedding Invitations

From the brown and blue color palette to the bird-theme details throughout the invitation suite, these wedding invitations totally remind me of fall.  The invitations were designed by Allie of Allie Ruth Design for her good friends Danielle and Rob’s recent wedding.  Since Allie knows the couple so well, she was able to weave personal details throughout the invitation design:

Rustic-Blue-Brown-Wedding-Invitation-Twine Wedding-Invitation-RSVP-Postcard-Vintage-Stamps

From Allie: The bride and groom are some of my closest friends, Danielle and Rob. They were married on October 24th in Ormond Beach, Florida.  Danielle has an amazing sense of style – she puts a vintage kind of glamour into every outfit, so it’s only fitting that her wedding have a vintage theme as well.  She also wanted to incorporate birds, since they are such a timeless and quintessential image of love.



With those two things in mind, I started thinking of materials and processes that would complement her vision.  Chipboard immediately struck me as a perfect medium for letterpress, also lending an earthy feel to the overall collection.  The chipboard invitations, letterpress printed with dark brown ink and block-printed at the top with light blue, serve as the perfect backdrop for the RSVP postcards.


I chose to work with post cards that are made by Cavallini & Co.  I designed a simple RSVP and printed it onto the back of the post cards. One of the most special little touches in the invitation ensemble was the use of a small collection of vintage postage stamps on each RSVP post card.  The whole suite was finished with a band of kraft paper and blue butcher’s twine.


I hand-calligraphed every envelope with a brown India ink brush pen and closed them up with some cute Japanese washi tape that I happened to have on hand, as well as little Cavallini & Co. “Bird and Nest” stickers.

Rustic-Blue-Brown-Wedding-Invitation-Twine-Envelopes-Reverse Rustic-Blue-Brown-Wedding-Invitation-Twine-Envelopes

Thank you so much Allie!  Your calligraphy is so pretty – congratulations on a beautiful invitation suite!

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{image credits: allie ruth design}

  1. The USPS has some limited guidelines about placement of addresses on the envelope, such as space left for barcodes and approval stamping. Did you have any issues sending your envelopes? Or did you consult a mailpiece design analyst beforehand?

  2. These are gorgeous, and very unique! Thanks for posting. I’m off to find more ideas for stationery!

  3. Shalini – USPS is pretty used to working with wedding invitations, and specifically ornate calligraphy styles. I’ve seen all sorts of outer envelope calligraphy styles that successfully made it through the mailing process, including my own invitations, so I don’t think there’s any need to consult beforehand.

  4. Shalini,
    The only problem we ran into was the fact that some post men wanted to charge more than others for the invitations.
    I consulted my postman before I mailed them out, and I was told that they did qualify for 1st class postage ($.44 stamp), but some of the post men that were delivering them decided they wanted to charge more… It might be a good idea if you’re using a super duty heavy material like chipboard, or if you’re using bows inside the invitations, to go ahead and pay the 17 cents extra before mailing them.

  5. Allie Ruth Design is an amazing company to work with, she is is so detailed and persistent on getting everything you could imagine as a bride done! We loved our invitations and everything else Allie created for our wedding!

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