Buffy + Jeff’s Twine, Cork, and Branch Wedding Invitations

Happy Monday everyone!  Now that Fall is rapidly approaching, I thought I’d start off the week with a wedding invitation suite from Kathleen that incorporate lovely rustic details perfect for Fall – including branch design elements, twine, even cork!  All in a crisp color palette of dark brown and green…


From Kathleen: Buffy assigned Jeff with the task of finding an invitation designer for their wedding.  Jeff began his search on the internet when he came across my work on Oh So Beautiful Paper, then he discovered that I live just 20 minutes down the road in Oklahoma City!


Because I do so much work with couples that live all over the world it was really fun to meet with Buffy and Jeff in person to go over the details of their invitation designs.


Buffy and Jeff are using lots of natural materials and manzanita branches in their wedding décor so I used that as my primary inspiration.  Their colors are a dark chocolate brown and green.  Buffy and Jeff also specified that they wanted a nice balance of sophisticated yet modern.


As I started illustrating branches and designing the invitations I also began thinking of ways to make the suite extra special.  I decided to duplex the linen paper used for the invitation with cork on the back.  This cork is usually used for kitchen cabinetry – fortunately, I work with a wonderful printer who is willing track down materials like this for me when I’m thinking way outside the box.


Because we were spending a good part of our budget on paper and cork, we utilized digital printing to keep printing costs down.  We then bundled the invitations with twine and used kraft paper envelopes to keep the earthy wood theme throughout the suite.


I love the use of cork as a backing material for the invitations – such a cool idea!  Thank you so much Kathleen!  You can check out more of Kathleen’s work over on her blog, and you can see more of her invitation designs in the wedding invitation gallery!

{image credits: kathleen shannon}

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