Alicia + Ryan’s Victorian Library Wedding Invitations

Today’s wedding invitations come to us from Alicia at Akimbo, based all the way over in Adelaide, Australia!  Alicia was also inspired by her wedding venue, a beautiful historic library, and set out to create a gorgeous fold-out wedding invitation with lovely Victorian design elements:


From Alicia: Our wedding venue is a beautiful historic library, one of the first buildings built here in Adelaide, Australia.



Taking inspiration from the original street lamps nearby, I based the design on highly ornamental and typographical advertising of the Victorian age, which lent itself to a poster-style invitation.



We also had a few guests who were only attending the ceremony (children and such), so we also produced a smaller, type-only version to still extend a formal invitation but without all the bells and whistles.  These ceremony-only invitations featured a simple mailing label, rather than the time-consuming hand calligraphy of the main invitations.


The vintage book page envelope liners are a nod to the literary theme. To keep all the bits and pieces together, I made some belly bands as my debut screenprinting project.


During my research, I was browsing through the state’s image archives (which are coincidentally housed at the Library itself) and stumbled across this wonderful etching of the building just after its construction.  It proved the perfect cover shot for the RSVP postcards.


I left space on the postcards for guests to write us a message, so we’ve been looking forward to getting the mail each day and getting another sweet note from a loved one… although quite a number of guests called to say they liked it so much they couldn’t bear to part with any of it!

Alicia also shared DIY tutorials on the wedding invitation calligraphy and envelope liners, which you can find here and here.  You can also find the printable labels used on the ceremony-only invitations right here.  Fantastic Alicia – thank you so much!

{image credits: Alicia/Akimbo}

  1. Love this designs. It’s fabulous. The design is awesome and the purple so sumptuous. Looks like that wedding is going to be a lot of fun.

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