Emerald + Aqua Wedding Invitations

It’s always a happy day for me when one of Kathleen’s gorgeous wedding invitations shows up in my inbox.  This time, Kathleen took the bride and groom’s chosen color palette and played around with scale to create a unique wedding invitation based on the couple’s shared last initial (the letter H)!


From Kathleen: Stephanie and Max liked my overall aesthetic and gave me free reign to do what I pleased with only two pieces of direction – they definitely wanted to use letterpress printing and they love aqua and emerald.


Stephanie and Max both have a last name that begins with an “H” so I used the opportunity to use a vintage ornamental “H” woodcut decorated with birds.  Fortunately, Stephanie absolutely loves birds and quickly became smitten with the design!


I wanted to play with scale so I flooded the oversized H to the edge of the paper – you can see where the whole image matches up if you line up the bottom of the invitation to the top of the RSVP.

Aqua-Emerald-Letterpress-Wedding-Invitation Aqua-Emerald-Letterpress-Wedding-Invitation

For the typography I complemented the birds with an ornate script and paired that with a classic italic serif typeface.  I wanted to keep the type refined and small to contrast the bold imagery used in the suite.


But what really brings the design to life is the letterpress printing.  These were letterpress printed on 100% cotton Crane Lettra cover stock in Ecru.  It’s easy to fall in love when holding freshly pressed invitations – I know I did, as did Stephanie and Max, and hopefully every single one of their wedding guests!


Beautiful as always Kathleen!  For more wedding invitations and other cool projects from Kathleen, check out her blog right here!

{image credits: kathleen shannon}

  1. I would never have been able to picture aqua and emerald together but this works flawlessly. Nice work…kudos to Kathleen…

    Autumn at favorsbyserendipity

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