Dia de los Muertos Wedding Invitations

I know skulls aren’t for everyone, but to me there’s something incredibly romantic about the skulls in these Dia de los Muertos wedding invitations from Alan Valek.  Alan designed these invitations for friends getting married later this spring:


Alan included the words “Amor Eterno” — Eternal Love — on the draped banner at the top of the invitation, and then drew a vine that surrounds the entire invitation, ultimately meeting within a pair of intertwined wedding rings at the bottom.


Check out more over on Alan’s blog!

{image credits: Alan Valek}

  1. Very interesting wedding invitations. Are they for real? There is something slightly disturbing in the wide use that Mexicans make of skulls around Dias de los Muertos (& on other occasions too). I remember being handed a paper to attend a celebration of Dias de los Muertos by a friend who was dying of a brain tumor. It was slightly shocking to see these pictures of skulls when his skull was not intact. I now think it is perhaps healthier to take into account that death is part of life; perhaps even that death is what defines life.
    On a lighter note, the coupon regarding food is very good: it’s always such a headache to deal with everyone’s different food requirements!
    Thanks for sharing.

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