Valentine’s Day Card Round-Up, Part 4

Still haven’t found your Valentine’s Day cards yet?  Well, not to worry, because I have yet a few more designs for you just in case you’re still on the hunt — and there are plenty of options, from traditional + sweet to geeky + cute to simple + modern designs…


Naomi-murrell-valentine{naomi murrell}

Ink-and-wit-deer-valentines{ink + wit}

Paper-lovely-press-valentines{paper lovely press}

Linea-carta-calligraphy-valentine{have your valentine’s hand calligraphed by linea carta!}

Meadowlark-creative-valentine-cards-coasters{meadowlark creative – valentine’s day cards + coasters}

Paperfinger-calligraphy-valentine-stamps{DIY your valentines with these calligraphy stamps from paperfinger!}

Bread-of-many-valentine{bread of many}

Pop-shorty-valentines{pop + shorty}

Paper-Schmaper-Valentine{paper schmaper}

{wild ink press}


Pup-pony-valentine{pup + pony press}

Paisley-dog-press-valentine{paisley dog press}

Peach-pearl-valentines{peach and pearl}

Hijirik-valentine{hijirik studio}

Flora-fauna-press-valentine{flora + fauna press}


I also really love these beautiful embroidered handkerchiefs from lou lou and oscar for valentine’s day…

Vintage-handkerchief-valentine2{lou lou and oscar}

And just in case you missed them, you can check out my earlier round-ups right here.

{images from their respective sources}

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