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Last week, I featured the amazing poster design work of Matt Terich and Design Medicine.  Well, in addition to his print and poster work, Matt is also one half of Poster Bride, a wedding invitation design studio specializing in wedding invitation posters!

Here’s more about Poster Bride:  Poster Bride is a fresh idea: a new approach to the invitation that beckons your guests to the big day. We make unique, handmade works of art that celebrate the fanfare of your party like nothing else can.  A serigraph, up to 19″ x 25″, hand-printed and designed just for you, suitable for framing, following the tradition of silkscreened event posters, provides not only your wedding invitation, but a timeless gift of art for your loved ones. We make posters… for weddings.  Much like the silkscreened posters you might see for a play or a concert, only tailored for you and your event.  Each invitation is unique, sketched by hand, rendered onto film, transferred to a silk screen, and carefully printed by us for you.

The invitation poster is one of my favorite new innovations in wedding invitation design, and Poster Bride’s designs are among some of the best I’ve seen so far:






For those of you planning to use a ketubah (Jewish marriage contract) in your wedding, check out this AMAZING custom poster Ketubah:

{I love this.  LOVE it.}

The Poster Bride site is still under development, but click here for more information on Poster Bride, and, if you’re interested in a poster invitation for your wedding, here to contact Matt.

{All photos by Poster Bride – thanks Matt!}

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