K Studio

I’m back from New York and working through the photos from the show, which I can’t wait to show you!  But first, I thought I’d share these embroidered linen pieces from NYIGF exhibitor K Studio.  They’re also coming out with some really cute embroidered iPhone and iPad cases, but in the meantime you can browse their collection of tote bags, pillows, and wall art:

K Studio Embroidered Tote Bags 500x341 K Studio

K Studio Embroidered Art K Studio

K Studio Embroidered Bird 300x301 K Studio K Studio Couple Art 300x301 K Studio

K Studio Embroidered Pillows 500x248 K Studio

They even do customizable versions!  Wouldn’t a custom wall hanging be such a lovely wedding gift?

{image credits: k studio}

Emerald + Aqua Wedding Invitations

It’s always a happy day for me when one of Kathleen’s gorgeous wedding invitations shows up in my inbox.  This time, Kathleen took the bride and groom’s chosen color palette and played around with scale to create a unique wedding invitation based on the couple’s shared last initial (the letter H)!

Aqua Emerald Wedding Invitations Overview 500x375 Emerald + Aqua Wedding Invitations

From Kathleen: Stephanie and Max liked my overall aesthetic and gave me free reign to do what I pleased with only two pieces of direction – they definitely wanted to use letterpress printing and they love aqua and emerald.

Aqua Emerald Wedding Invitations RSVP 500x375 Emerald + Aqua Wedding Invitations

Stephanie and Max both have a last name that begins with an “H” so I used the opportunity to use a vintage ornamental “H” woodcut decorated with birds.  Fortunately, Stephanie absolutely loves birds and quickly became smitten with the design!

Aqua Emerald Wedding Invitations RSVP Detail 500x375 Emerald + Aqua Wedding Invitations

I wanted to play with scale so I flooded the oversized H to the edge of the paper – you can see where the whole image matches up if you line up the bottom of the invitation to the top of the RSVP.

Aqua Emerald Wedding Invitations Detail 300x400 Emerald + Aqua Wedding Invitations Aqua Emerald Wedding Invitations Map 300x400 Emerald + Aqua Wedding Invitations

For the typography I complemented the birds with an ornate script and paired that with a classic italic serif typeface.  I wanted to keep the type refined and small to contrast the bold imagery used in the suite.

Aqua Emerald Wedding Invitations RSVP Text 500x375 Emerald + Aqua Wedding Invitations

But what really brings the design to life is the letterpress printing.  These were letterpress printed on 100% cotton Crane Lettra cover stock in Ecru.  It’s easy to fall in love when holding freshly pressed invitations – I know I did, as did Stephanie and Max, and hopefully every single one of their wedding guests!

Aqua Emerald Wedding Invitations Map Detail 500x375 Emerald + Aqua Wedding Invitations

Beautiful as always Kathleen!  For more wedding invitations and other cool projects from Kathleen, check out her blog right here!

{image credits: kathleen shannon}

Garlands + Mobiles

Happy Monday everyone!  Today I’m up in New York at the NYIGF – and I’m looking forward to sharing some photos from the show a bit later in the week.  While I’m browsing the aisles, I thought I’d share these cool 3d ornaments, garland decorations, and mobiles from Polli:

Polli 3d Ornaments Garlands + Mobiles

Polli Eco Garland 500x350 Garlands + Mobiles

Polli Eco Ornaments 500x415 Garlands + Mobiles

polli bird mobile1 Garlands + Mobiles Polli Mobile Scales Garlands + Mobiles

Polli Mobile 500x427 Garlands + Mobiles

The mobile above features leaves with little cut-outs that can hold photos, little notes, or even post cards – like a hanging inspiration board!  So cool.  Polli is offering 20% off  the online store (excluding Tivi products) through the end of August – just enter the code OHSOPAPER20 at checkout!

{image credits: polli}

{happy weekend!}

Happy Friday everyone!  This will be a working weekend for me, as tomorrow I’m heading up to the New York International Gift Fair for a couple of days.  It’ll be fun to catch up with the stationery exhibitors at NYIGF and friends in NYC.  But after a busy couple of weeks I’ll be looking forward to a quiet and relaxing weekend next weekend… the Florida girl in me misses my summers by the beach, so I’d love to escape to a tiny town by the water for a weekend.  But in the meantime…

seashell 500x335 {happy weekend!}

…a few links for your weekend!

And just in case you missed it, a few favorite posts from this week!

That’s it for me this week!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend – I’ll be back next week with photos from the Gift Fair and lots of other goodies.  See you on Monday!

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{today I love…}

My love for anything created by Rob Ryan has been pretty well documented over the past two years, but if anything I’d say my affection has only grown stronger over those years…

rob ryan i love you more than sleep {today I love...} rob ryan wall decal {today I love...}

These wall decals featuring Rob’s amazing designs have been on my wish list almost two years to the day.  My birthday  is coming up in a couple of weeks, so perhaps a little birthday treat for myself?  I also spotted the real thing in Cath Kidston’s living room in the latest issue of Lonny.  So pretty…

rob ryan papercut cath kidston home 300x387 {today I love...} rob ryan papercut cath kidston living room 300x387 {today I love...}

I’m also really loving these prints and cards from Mary Kate McDevitt – I love the quote from Abraham Lincoln!

happiness print 500x637 {today I love...}

brightened day 500x375 {today I love...}

{image credits: domestic, patrick cline for lonny, mary kate mcdevitt via seesaw}