NSS Bound – Hello!Lucky

The incredibly talented team from Hello!Lucky put together one of my favorite booth displays at last year's NSS – so I can't wait to see what they've come up with for this year!  And while we'll have to wait a couple more days to see the actual booth, here's a quick look at a few of the new cards that Hello!Lucky (booth# 1536) will be debuting at the show:

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6a00e554ee8a228833013480be2748970c 500wi NSS Bound   Hello!Lucky
6a00e554ee8a2288330133ed8ab88f970b 500wi NSS Bound   Hello!Lucky
6a00e554ee8a228833013480be27ca970c 500wi NSS Bound   Hello!Lucky

Once again Hello!Lucky has teamed up with illustrators Julia Rothman (the mermaid) and Esther Aarts (the beer steins) on their new line of cards.  Only a couple more days until we get to see the full collection!

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{image credits: hello!lucky}

Darling Clementine

I have a huge soft spot for anything involving folk art, so this woodland card set from Darling Clementine — which celebrates Scandinavian folk style — is right up my alley:

6a00e554ee8a228833013480bb9e20970c 500wi Darling Clementine

6a00e554ee8a2288330133ed882271970b 500wi Darling Clementine
6a00e554ee8a228833013480bb954d970c 500wi Darling Clementine

I love that the designs also look like they could have been made from cut paper!  Just lovely.  Check them out right here!

NSS Bound – Avie Designs

After taking a year off from the Stationery Show to get married, Avie Designs will be back at this year's show!  Avis will have imprintable party invitations, holiday cards, wrapping paper, and greeting cards, but today she's giving us a sneak peek at some of her newest wedding invitations!

6a00e554ee8a228833013480bace41970c 500wi NSS Bound   Avie Designs
6a00e554ee8a2288330133ed8762a4970b 500wi NSS Bound   Avie Designs
6a00e554ee8a228833013480bacee2970c 500wi NSS Bound   Avie Designs
6a00e554ee8a2288330133ed876359970b 500wi NSS Bound   Avie Designs

Stay tuned for more from Avie Designs from the Stationery Show next week!

{image credits: Avie Designs}

NSS Bound – Two Trick Pony

It's no secret that I love the work of Carrie and Laurie at Two Trick Pony – their retro-inspired cards and colorful screen printed designs are just kind of hard to resist.  The Ponies are making another appearance at this year's Stationery Show (Booth# 1641), here's a tiny peek at some of the new cards debuting next week:

6a00e554ee8a228833013480b80de3970c 500wi NSS Bound   Two Trick Pony
6a00e554ee8a2288330133ed84a79a970b 500wi NSS Bound   Two Trick Pony 
6a00e554ee8a2288330133ed84c04c970b 500wi NSS Bound   Two Trick Pony

I'll have more from Two Trick Pony to share next week – but in the meantime, you can check out the current collection in their online shop right here!

{image credits: two trick pony}

Cate + Jacob’s Bluegrass Silhouette Wedding Invitations

Today’s real wedding invitations come to us from Cate from Simple Matters, who designed a bluegrass-inspired wedding invitation to match her midwestern surroundings for her own wedding last September.  Cate balanced playful details – like a silhouette rubber stamp – against classic typography for an overall design that is elegant without being overly formal.

6a00e554ee8a228833013480b4c47b970c 500wi Cate + Jacobs Bluegrass Silhouette Wedding Invitations

From Cate: The inspiration behind the suite was to combine bluegrass and midwest styles using reminiscent motifs and type-setting, natural and recycled materials and a toned down red, white and blue color scheme.

6a00e554ee8a228833013480b4c4d8970c 500wi Cate + Jacobs Bluegrass Silhouette Wedding Invitations

The invitation was the only piece that was letterpress printed (by Keegan Meegan) — I printed all the other invitation elements myself at home.

6a00e554ee8a228833013480b4cb7d970c 500wi Cate + Jacobs Bluegrass Silhouette Wedding Invitations

The silhouette seen on the muslin bag and belly band was a rubber stamp I had made from a drawing.  I recommend this to everyone I know planning a wedding, having a custom rubber stamp made it so easy to personalize so many different aspects!

6a00e554ee8a228833013480b4c643970c 500wi Cate + Jacobs Bluegrass Silhouette Wedding Invitations

Everything was held together with the brown band, which was everything from lunch bags and grocery bags to old wrapping paper.  I tried to be as cost-effective as possible but decided to splurge on the letterpress main invitation, the custom rubber stamp, and the muslin bags. I was so happy I did; the textures added another dimension to the suite.

6a00e554ee8a228833013480b4c763970c 500wi Cate + Jacobs Bluegrass Silhouette Wedding Invitations

Lastly, the map was based off of our engagement photos which were taken outside in a field with a red balloon (I loved being able to tie that detail into the invitation!)

6a00e554ee8a2288330133ed8181a1970b 500wi Cate + Jacobs Bluegrass Silhouette Wedding Invitations

Overall, I was very happy with how everything turned out. I felt like it embraced a relaxed midwest feel without going over the top.

Thank you so much Cate!

{image credits: Simple Matters}