Violet’s Hand Lettered Birth Announcements

I LOVE the simplicity of these gorgeous hand lettered birth announcements! Truly a group effort on behalf of their close friend Laura and her adorable daughter Violet, the announcements feature hand lettering by Katie from The Good Twin, floral styling by Chaparral Studio, photography by Laure Joliet, and letterpress printing by Power and Light Press. Katie described the announcements as a love letter from the group to Laura and her family. Such a meaningful way to welcome a new baby into a circle of family and friends!





Design, lettering, and envelope calligraphy: The Good Twin

Floral Styling for Violet’s portrait: Chaparral Studio

Portrait Photography: Laure Joliet

Letterpress Printing: Power and Light Press

Photo Credits: Scott Ener Grover

Ana’s Delicate and Ethereal Birth Announcements

Colleen of Letter & Lark creates some of the most incredibly beautiful, subtle, and delicate stationery – the birth announcements that she created for her daughter Ana last year took my breath away! Colleen put so much thought into each and every detail, from the pale color palette to explaining the meaning behind Ana’s names. Just so, so lovely.


From ColleenThis project was very close to my heart and I hoped to do it justice! Our sweet Ana is an incredible baby. She is happy, loving, and easy going, but incredibly determined and strong; she spent five weeks in the hospital after surprising us by arriving six weeks early. Our preemie & NICU experience along with her gentle spirit gave me the inspiration for her announcement.


For the recipients who opened it, I wanted to evoke a sense of fragility and sacredness for this tiny, special person. I wanted it to feel exquisite and ethereal, to emphasize that she really came out of something amazing. Rather than a flat or folded card, I wanted an experience of opening her announcement; by discovering different layers, papers, and textures along with reading about her birth information.


To emphasize the fact that tiny packages can hold complexity and so much importance, I decided to go with a small, 4-bar sized announcement with an accordion folded card. The design was focused on clean, elegant type and a minimal color palette alongside gorgeous photography by the incredibly talented Leighanne Evelyn (who we are so proud to call a friend!). Leighanne’s photographs are very sentimental since they were taken shortly after Ana came home from the hospital. We chose to show a small tryptic of family photos on one panel and then included our favorite portrait of Ana in a tiny glassine envelope in the back. I love how you can barely see this tiny little face with big eyes looking at you through the cloudy envelope! I also knew it would be the perfect size for relatives who wanted to keep a picture of Ana as well.



At first I had an idea of including a watercolor wash, but as a new mom I didn’t have the time to hand-paint each announcement (on top of designing, printing, and assembling!), so instead I printed a cantaloupe-colored “wash” on vellum paper. These vellum paper sashes wrap around the accordion card and the front text of the announcement can be carefully read through the faux wash. A very delicate, gold twine (the thinnest I could find) wraps around the entire piece.


Rather than just list her birth information, I decided it would be more interesting for people to read the story of how we chose her name, since her first and middle names have connections to family members as well as special meaning.  I also included a short description of her personality; I wanted to make sure even for people that live far away that they could still get a sense of who Ana is without even meeting her.


Letterpress printed in a smokey, lavender ink on bright white 100% cotton stock, paired with translucent vellum and glassine papers and Leighanne’s beautiful black and white photographs, I hoped to convey how we truly special Ana is, not only because of her birth story but because she’s brought so much love and joy to our family.


Thank you Colleen!

Photo Credits: Letter & Lark

Emma + Brian’s Star Map Wedding Invitations

These beautiful wedding invitations from designer Emma Mällinen might appear to be a simple black and white design – when in fact they’re so much more! The invitation features silver screen printing on black paper, classic Baskerville text letterpress printed on white paper, blind deboss elements – and a truly stunning star map meets tidal chart design!


From Emma: Preparing for our wedding in June has been one of the most exciting times of my life. As a graphic designer I have felt like a kid in a candy shop. There are so many things to design or customize, and over the past year I have made everything from favor box labels, to conversation starters, to all of our event signage. I’ve treated myself to all the colorful visual possibilities. Romantic lettering? Check. Bold flowers? Check. Creative language? Check. But when it came time to design our wedding invitations it felt different, like a big responsibility.


The invitations turned out to reflect us more than we could’ve even dreamed of. Our initial inspiration came from our wedding site on the Cape Cod seaside. It was Brian’s family house, overlooking the sweeping sand flats at low-tide. We loved the way the sky and the sea melded together for a few hours each day, and we thought this an apt metaphor for our own union in the same place.


We created an image of a vintage star map and a tidal chart meeting – a reference to our evening ceremony overlooking the same view. For the reverse side, we took pieces of this illustration and used them as structural elements, printing them in blind deboss around our classically arranged text. The text design was based on historical treatise frontispieces and was set in Baskerville.


The wonderful people at Mama’s Sauce did an amazing job with the technically complicated order. The diagram of the vintage star atlas and coastal tide map were screen printed in silver ink on French Paper Poptone 100C Black Licorice. This paper was then duplexed to Crane Lettra 110C Cotton, on which our text was letterpress printed in black with accompanying blind deboss.


All of these choices reflected our unique relationship: the invitations were spiritual without referring to specific religious symbols; the language was our own colorful style; and the color palette was serious but playful with deboss. We added a purple silk envelope to bring a dash of color and sent off our invitations knowing they would be cherished for a long time to come!


Thanks Emma!

Design + Envelope Calligraphy: Emma Mällinen 

Printing: Mama’s Sauce

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Photo Credits: Emma Mällinen

Kendra + Patrick’s California Farm Wedding Invitations

I love the illustrations in these California farm wedding invitations from Irene at Sparkvites! With a mint green and gold color palette, Irene incorporated cloud illustrations to evoke the wedding’s outdoor setting and casual hand lettering. So pretty!


From Irene: This invitation was created for a California country wedding. Kendra and Patrick wanted a hand-illustrated design for their outdoor wedding overlooking the mountains at Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse. Their ceremony and reception are both going to be held outdoors, and they wanted a country farm theme without the farm animals. It was super fun to work with Kendra on this design and dream about visiting their gorgeous venue.


The invitation is letterpress printed on double thick stock. We chose metallic gold to match the vintage country style, and mint green to match the color of her bridesmaid dresses.



Thanks Irene!

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Photo Credits: Sparkvites

Angel + Arthur’s Spring Floral Wedding Invitations

I’m a big fan of floral-inspired wedding invitations any time of year, but especially for a spring wedding! These invitations from Amanda at Wide Eyes Paper Co. combine simple line illustrations with a floral watercolor envelope liner. So pretty!


From Amanda: We created this invitation suite for a couple getting married in Sunny San Diego, California. The bride and groom are both surfers and love the outdoors. They wanted their wedding invitations to reflect their personalities and the location of their wedding in Solana Beach. They wanted something simple, elegant, and nature inspired. I hand illustrated the wreath around their names and mixed in whimsical typography.



They also wanted their guests to know how to properly get to their wedding venue. I created a custom illustrated map to go alongside this vision which is a fun way to showcase directions versus just writing them out.



The invitation and map feature letterpress printing to complement the simplicity and elegance of the set.​ Angel and Arthur wanted to stick with the “natural look” so we included a painted floral envelope liner and paired it with our natural kraft envelopes to tie it all together.


Thanks Amanda!

Design: Wide Eyes Paper Co.

Watercolor Envelope Liner Pattern: Chau Matser

Letterpress Printing: Clove St. Press

Wide Eyes Paper Co. is a member of the Designer Rolodex – you can see more of Amanda’s work right here or visit the real invitations gallery for more wedding invitation ideas!

Photo Credits: Let’s Frolic Together