Poster Offensive

I saw these on sfgirlbybay last week, but they're so good I couldn't resist re-posting them here:


{by Amy Jo.  This poster is probably my favorite.  I could see this being the design inspiration for invitations to a vintage-inspired wedding}


{by Kelly Munson}



{by Studio on Fire}


{by Ross Bruggink}


{found via sfgirlbybay, and you can read more about the poster offensive here and see this year's full portfolio on flickr here}

Prints and Posters – Design Medicine

I love these prints and posters by artist Matt Terich of Design Medicine – and it doesn't hurt that most of the posters are of a few of my favorite bands:

Matt's designs are such fabulous works of art — please do check out Matt's full poster portfolio over at Design Medicine!

{all images via Design Medicine}

Paper Artwork – Autumn Leaves Print Set

The fourth and final installment of the print collaboration between Maria Vettese and Lena Corwin is now available in the port2press shop – and this edition is truly amazing.  I love the colors and the mix of Lena’s graphic shapes and Maria’s nature-inspired graphic leaves.  Get ’em while they last!

{Images found here}