Letterpress Posters

I love that two of this year's winners from the HOW Poster Design contest were printed (at least in part) by letterpress studios (yay Hammerpress!):

6a00e554ee8a22883301127965283028a4 500wi Letterpress Posters

Design Firm Hammerpress, Kansas City, MO
Creative Team Brady Vest, Robert Howsare
Printer Hammerpress
Paper Wausau Royal Complements in Black
Client eleven productions

6a00e554ee8a228833011168f0d3a7970c 500wi Letterpress Posters

Design Firm Michael Osborne Design, San Francisco
Creative Team Michael Osborne, Cody Dingle
Printer One Heart Press (letterpress), Moquin Press (offset litho)
Paper Crane LETTRA
Client Crane & Co.

Check out the rest of the winners right here.

{images via HOW Design}

Paper Artwork – Dee Beale

Loving these gocco prints by printmaker Dee Beale:

il 430xN.58277864 Paper Artwork   Dee Beale
{winter partridge}

il 430xN.58439985 Paper Artwork   Dee Beale
{winter wren}

il 430xN.60498124 Paper Artwork   Dee Beale
{snowy owl}

All three prints are available right here, and you can check out Dee's blog – including some sneak peeks into new artwork – right here.

{found via Paper n Stitch}

Color by Numbers

I'm a huge fan of the alphabet prints by Sycamore Street Press – and I absolutely love their new batch of matching number posters:

il 430xN.58339364 Color by Numbers

il 430xN.58341912 Color by Numbers

il 430xN.58975233 Color by Numbers

il 430xN.58354479 Color by Numbers

Designed by Stephanie Lynne Ford for Sycamore Street Press, these 11" x 14" prints are available in several color combinations (I'm kind of partial to the graphite/tangerine combo).  Check them all out right here!

{photos via Sycamore Street Press}

Pretties and Prints – Naomi Murrell

These new pins and necklaces from Naomi Murrell are oh-so sweet, and remind me of paper cuts:

il 430xN.57831109 Pretties and Prints   Naomi Murrell

il 430xN.57830081 Pretties and Prints   Naomi Murrell

And these screen prints are equally lovely:

il 430xN.54971749 Pretties and Prints   Naomi Murrell

il 430xN.54094166 Pretties and Prints   Naomi Murrell

il 430xN.54971963 Pretties and Prints   Naomi Murrell

il 430xN.45252178 Pretties and Prints   Naomi Murrell

All available right here.

{images via Naomi Murrell}

Lovely Posters – Lizzy House

Oh how I love these prints from Lizzy House!  The first one below, of Shakespeare's 12th sonnet, is my particular favorite:

il 430xN.58387013 Lovely Posters   Lizzy House
{shakespeare's 12th sonnet}

il 430xN.48212650 Lovely Posters   Lizzy House

il 430xN.48212573 Lovely Posters   Lizzy House
{call me ishmael – love the raised whales!}

il 430xN.48213233 Lovely Posters   Lizzy House
{cathedral – final edition!}

il 430xN.32792803 Lovely Posters   Lizzy House
{ardor birds}

il 430xN.48214062 Lovely Posters   Lizzy House
{whale of a time}

All available here.

{found via More Ways to Waste Time.  Great find Leah!}