{letterpress poster – bird dog press}

Allison from Bird Dog Press recently printed this letterpress poster for a contest for an upcoming festival in Montana – and it's so gorgeous I just couldn't resist sharing it here:






Check out more lovely photos right here!

{photos via Bird Dog Press}

Paper Artwork – Peter Callesen

Well hello there!  I'm finally back home after a week in NYC for the NSS and some anniversary celebrations, and even after just a week away it feels so good to be home.  I'm also excited to get back into a normal posting schedule after more than a week of NSS coverage and round-ups

I thought we'd start the week off with these amazing paper sculptures by Peter Callesen:









Aren't these just gorgeous?  Each one is created using only paper and glue! 

On his website, Peter says that his "paper works have been based around an exploration of the relationship between two and three dimensionality."  Peter almost exclusively uses A4-size sheets of paper, "because it is probably the most common and consumed media and format
for carrying information today, and in that sense it is something very
loaded."  Peter then creates each cut in part to highlight the actual material of the paper, the thinness and fragility of which in turn highlights the tragic and romantic theme of the works. 

Check out Peter's website for lots more of these delicate papercut sculptures.  Just gorgeous!

{all images by Peter Callesen, found by my husband!}

{paper artwork – Chris Piascik}

I love Chris Piascik's daily drawings – this is one is a particular recent favorite:

Check out the rest of them on Chris's blog right here.

{image via Chris Piascik}

{e is for Embrace}

Good morning everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!  Since neither of our moms are in the area, we had some friends over for brunch yesterday, which was a nice way to pass a lazy Sunday morning/afternoon.

I thought I'd start the week off with some fun and happy prints from Paul Thurlby, found via paper tastebuds:

Aren't these great?  Check out the full alphabet series over at Paul's flickr stream here.

{images from Paul Thurlby, found via paper tastebuds and the coterie}

{paper artwork – Fréya Art & Design}

I'm loving these gorgeous prints from Fréya Art & Design – every single print just makes me smile:

Check out the full selection right here.


{images via Fréya Art & Design}