Pretty Paper in the Office: Pencil Sharpeners

Whether you use it everyday as a tool, or just have a few around in case you need them, pencils always find their way into the workplace. Which means you also need to have a pencil sharpener around. Even though it’s an afterthought to most, these tiny tools not only serve to sharpen, they can be a cute addition to your workspace. From vintage toy treasures to shiny new sharpeners, you’re bound to find one just right for you. – Julie
PrettyPaperSharpeners Pretty Paper in the Office: Pencil Sharpeners

No. 1 Solid aluminum pencil sharpener

No. 2 Suck UK Clockwork pencil sharpener

No. 3 Dux Outer Ring brass sharpener

No. 4 Vintage Boston pencil sharpener

No.5 Vintage globe sharpener

No. 6 Bakelite double pencil sharpener

Pretty Paper in the Office: Maps

When looking to dress your office walls, maps are certainly the go-to solution. Maps can be visually stunning and educating, and there are many options to choose from. From scratch maps to maps with pins to maps that you pin things to. No matter what you’re looking for, these maps will make sure you’re looking in the right place. – Julie
PrettyPaper Maps Pretty Paper in the Office: Maps

No. 1 Corkboard map from West Elm; No. 2 Places of Earth by Oliver Jeffers; No. 3 World wall map from Schoolhouse Electric; No. 4 Kraft + White world map from Kawaii Stationery; No. 5 Deluxe Scratch-Off World map from Urban Outfitters; No. 6 Black + White world map from Kawaii Stationery


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Pretty Paper in the Office: Wall Clocks

Whether at the office or in the grand scheme of things, time flies. (Um, how is it fall already?) When I’m in the thick of it, I find myself glancing up at the clock, even if I happen to be in a room that doesn’t have one! Depending on your choice of clock, they can even pull double-duty as functional pieces of art or sculpture. No matter the style in which they do it, a wall clock will always make sure you’re right on time. - Julie

PrettyPaperWallClocks Pretty Paper in the Office: Wall Clocks

No. 1 Tanker clock by Schoolhouse Electric; No. 2 Toki wall clock from Canoe; No. 3 Mr. White wall clock from West Elm; No. 4 4040 Locus Industrial clock from Urban Outfitters; No. 5 Dots.. wall clock by Priscila Peress; No. 6 Overlook wire clock from CB2

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Quick Pick: Snow & Graham Keepsake Boxes

I’m a wee bit of a pack rat – especially when it comes to sentimental objects like photos, travel mementos, or (ahem) pretty greeting cards. I’m always on the lookout for beautiful keepsake boxes to store these precious memories, and I was beyond thrilled when Snow & Graham released this new collection of boxes featuring several of their signature patterns!

Quick Pick Snow and Graham Keepsake Boxes Quick Pick: Snow & Graham Keepsake Boxes

So pretty! Check out the full line of Snow & Graham keepsake boxes right here!

Pretty Paper in the Office: File Storage

I’ve had a huge, standard filing cabinet for years. I hate the thing, but if you have papers or important documents that you need organized — something that’s always right where it should be when you need it — a filing cabinet gets the job done. Thankfully, things have changed in the past decade since I got mine. Replacing it will be difficult simply because it’s so hard to choose! Whether you’re looking for a certain style, one that stands out, or one that’s disguised as a piece of furniture, this round up shows you just a small selection of what’s out there! - Julie
PrettyPaperFileStorage Pretty Paper in the Office: File Storage

 No. 1 Paper Rope drawer chest from Target; No. 2 Helmer drawer unit by IKEA; No. 3 West 18th filing cabinet from Poppin; No. 4 TPS drawer filing cabinet from CB2; No. 5; No. 6 Strut filing cabinet from Crate & Barrel

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