Pretty Paper in the Office: Desk Trays

There’s no quicker way to instantly tidy up a desk than by corralling all bits and pieces onto a desk tray. What was once a mishmash of supplies suddenly becomes an organized vignette worthy of an Instagram post. The great thing about a desk tray is that it can be anything. As long as it can hold its own (and all of your supplies) while adding a little style to your workspace. – Julie


1. Kate Spade acrylic desk tray from See Jane Work

2. Love letter trays from West Elm

3. Brass tray from ferm LIVING

4. Acrylic tray from russell+hazel

5. Vintage desk tray from Present&Correct

6. Bent wood tray from Present&Correct

Seasonal Stationery: 2015 Planners + Agendas

A well-designed planner or agenda has historically been a design white whale: a rumor on the wind but nearly impossible to find in reality. But in the past few years designers have (thankfully) stepped up their game with some really gorgeous options! So here are a few options for those of you still on the hunt for a beautiful way to stay organized in 2015 – and you can find a few more (28 total!) in the full 2015 planner round up right here!

2015 Planner and Agenda Round Up by Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. The always gorgeous 2015 planner from Laurel Denise

2. The 17-month agenda sold out super fast – but if you’re lucky you can still find some local retailers with a copy!

3. Fun preppy patterns from Sarah Pinto

4. This planner from Paper Source features a fun color palette of mint and gold foil!

5. + 6. Julia Kostreva has several gorgeous everyday planners that can be used during any year (I’m partial to this marbled indigo and gold foil design) and this minimalist 2015 planner

7. I love the cover of this Kate Spade planner!

8. The Day Designer – simply put: the most well thought out heavy duty planner I’ve ever seen (with gorgeous design to boot!) Most editions sell out super fast – so be sure to get on the waiting list if you want a copy!

Pretty Paper in the Office: Calculators

I refuse to let go of some things; calculators are one of those things. I’ve used the app that comes standard on phones, but there’s something about the tactile act of pressing the keys that lets me get into a flow in a way I never could on a touchscreen. (I also can’t get over the accuracy issue. I always mess up on the phone!) After attending my first NSS a few years ago, it became obvious that with some work, it’s just better to have an actual calculator in hand. Luckily there are still plenty of great options out there for those of use who like to crunch those numbers the old school way.  – Julie
Pretty Paper in the Office: Well Designed Calculator Round Up by Oh So Beautiful Paper


1. Eco-calculator by Poppin

2. Slim small calculator from neo-utlity

3. Mobile calculator by IDEA International

4. Slip-on calculator from Anthropologie

5. Braun calculator from The Future Perfect

6. Lexon bamboo calculator from See Jane Work

Pretty Paper in the Office: Pencil Sharpeners

Whether you use it everyday as a tool, or just have a few around in case you need them, pencils always find their way into the workplace. Which means you also need to have a pencil sharpener around. Even though it’s an afterthought to most, these tiny tools not only serve to sharpen, they can be a cute addition to your workspace. From vintage toy treasures to shiny new sharpeners, you’re bound to find one just right for you. – Julie
Pretty Pencil Sharpener Round Up via Oh So Beautiful Paper

No. 1 Solid aluminum pencil sharpener

No. 2 Suck UK Clockwork pencil sharpener

No. 3 Dux Outer Ring brass sharpener

No. 4 Vintage Boston pencil sharpener

No.5 Vintage globe sharpener

No. 6 Bakelite double pencil sharpener

Pretty Paper in the Office: Maps

When looking to dress your office walls, maps are certainly the go-to solution. Maps can be visually stunning and educating, and there are many options to choose from. From scratch maps to maps with pins to maps that you pin things to. No matter what you’re looking for, these maps will make sure you’re looking in the right place. – Julie
Pretty Paper in the Office: Map Round Up via Oh So Beautiful Paper

No. 1 Corkboard map from West Elm; No. 2 Places of Earth by Oliver Jeffers; No. 3 World wall map from Schoolhouse Electric; No. 4 Kraft + White world map from Kawaii Stationery; No. 5 Deluxe Scratch-Off World map from Urban Outfitters; No. 6 Black + White world map from Kawaii Stationery


{images via their respective sources}