Pretty Paper in the Office: Perpetual Calendars

A calendar is essential in many workspaces – and the way you work can dictate the type of calendar you need. Nole has a great round up of calendars each year that I consult before making my own purchase. But there are other calendar options that don’t rely on the year. Today’s round up is all about the perpetual calendar; your tried and true friend that stays with you year after year.  – Julie
Pretty Paper in the Office: Perpetual Calendar Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper

2. Kaufmann Merchantile

3. More Trees

4. Paul Koh

5. Sebastian Bergne

6. Bsiri

Pretty Paper in the Office: Globes

Whether you’re an avid traveler or have been eyeing one simply for décor (or both!), there’s no denying that there’s something enticing about a globe. As a child, I had a globe with topographical relief that I would spend hours with, studying the tallest mountain ranges around the world. Depending on the style, they can be beautiful and functional pieces of art or a touchstone to past adventures and future travels. I’ve put together a roundup of a few different globes you should take for a spin in your office space. – Julie

Pretty Paper in the Office: Globes / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Nendo

2. Kristoffer Zeuthen

3. CB2 cork globe

4. National Geographic

5. Anthropologie

6. Replogle

Pretty Paper in the Office: Business Card Cases

Amazing business cards should be collected like baseball cards. When you’re out and about making connections, the card isn’t the only thing that says something about you and your work. Why not treat yourself to a case worthy of those little paper pieces of yourself? – Julie

Pretty Paper in the Office: Business Card Holders / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. russell+hazel

2. Tsubota Pearl

3. Kate Spade

4. Masakage Tanno

5. Tanner Goods

6. Kate Spade

Quick Pick: Sugar Paper Desk Collection

Happy Tuesday everyone! The first day back after a long weekend can be a doozy, so I thought I’d ease into the week with a few favorites from Sugar Paper’s new brass desk collection – including the most adorable brass snail letter opener – along with a few cute notebooks and some office stationery!

Sugar Paper Desk Collection / Oh So Beautiful Paper

You can find everything over at Sugar Paper right here!

Pretty Paper in the Office: Sketchbooks

Depending on the task, a blank sketchbook could actually add work. Grids, guides, and other helpful organizational tools are definitely your friend if you’re sketching out ideas for a new website, drawing up plans for your next build, or planning the opening scene of a video. There are sketchbooks to aid you with most any job these days, with interior pages designed to help rather than hinder creativity. – Julie

Pretty Paper in the Office: Sketchbook Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Behance

2. Best Made Co.

3. Friends of Type

4. Laurence King

5. App Sketchbook

6. Princeton Architectural Press