Travel-Inspired Letterpress Business Cards from A Fine Press

Matthew from A Fine Press sent over the fabulous business identity and stationery that he recently designed for wedding photographer Karen Ard.  Karen loved the idea of incorporating a wax seal (such a great detail!) and doing something travel-inspired, so Matthew came up with an identity inspired by Southern California surf culture and business cards inspired by luggage tags.  The entire suite was letterpress printed on kraft paper in soft and beachy colors.  So lovely!

From MatthewKaren was particularly drawn to the idea of a wax seal to bring her business stationery together.  She approached me with the idea of doing a travel-inspired visual identity and stationery suite that maintained a nod to her SoCal location.

For inspiration, we drew heavily from postage and postmarks from around the world.  We loved the idea of using the circle of a postmark as our starting point.  A friend’s surf video got me thinking about all the great surf-culture branding out there and the image of a hibiscus blossom on a longboard provided us with a clear direction.

Karen wanted colors to reflect the beach and had suggested we start with seaglass colors.  From there, we settled on teal, with brown as a second color along with cream and kraft-substrates.  For a typeface, we went with the Deco-styled Aviano Sans, which I found extremely evocative of vintage travel.

The print pieces were done on French Paper’s Muscletone Kraft with PopTone Whip Cream envelopes.  In addition to Karen’s official colors, I printed her 1-color logo in transparent white on her thank you cards to make it pop while keeping it neutral in color.  Her luggage tag-inspired business cards were printed with her handwriting filling in the important details.

Thank you so much Matthew!

Photo Credits: Karen Ard

Molly Jacques Calligraphy Business Cards + Artwork

I love the classic beauty and elegance of these business cards from calligrapher and illustrator Molly Jacques.  Molly frequently works with the ladies of Sugar Paper (which is where I first became acquainted with Molly’s work) and her calligraphy and illustration portfolio is simply stunning.  The ladies of Sugar Paper letterpress printed Molly’s double-sided design in their signature pool ink.  Gorgeous!

Molly has a beautiful shop with calligraphy address stamps and some truly beautiful prints – I just couldn’t resist sharing these two prints in particular:

Thanks Molly!  You can see more of Molly’s illustration and calligraphy work right here!

Business Card Design: Molly Jacques

Letterpress Printing: Sugar Paper

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Photo Credits: Molly Jacques

Business Card Ideas and Inspiration #12

I had so much fun sharing some edge painted business card ideas with you last week, I thought I would pull together some more business card inspiration again this week!  This time we’re not just limited to edge painting as a key element – today’s selection includes non-traditional shapes and sizes, die cut elements, foil printing, and much more…

Cast Iron Design

Hype & Slippers


Oscar & Emma

Black and White Letterpress Business Card

Design: Racket, Letterpress Printing: The Hungry Workshop

Studio on Fire

Moontree Letterpress

Oleg Lyutov Design via FPO

Blush Publishing

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{images via their respective sources}

Business Card Ideas and Inspiration #11

It’s no secret that I love business cards – a great business card can be like a tiny little piece of art!  I also love it when designers and printers incorporate edge painting into business card design, from bright pops of color to elegant metallics to sophisticated black ink.  It’s been a while since I rounded up some inspiring business cards, so today I thought I’d share some of my recent favorites!

Callie Kant via Lovely Stationery

Swiss Cottage Designs

Mike McQuade for Tom Dick & Harry Creative Co. via FPO

Dingbat Press

Parrott Design Studio

Adam Mann via FPO

Studio on Fire

Bespoke Letterpress Calling Cards

Gold Foil Edge Business Cards by Deutsche & Japaner via Design Work Life

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{images via their respective sources}

Letterpress Illustrated Business Cards from A Fine Press

How adorable are these business cards from A Fine Press for author and illustrator Fred Koehler?  Matthew from A Fine Press letterpress printed the three-color design on Crane’s 110# florescent white Lettra paper.  I love the way the soft fields of color mix with the illustration outline, and the illustration itself is just so sweet.


From MatthewFred attended SCWBI in New York last month and wanted to bring a card that reflected the children’s book he was working on.  The gray is a halftone with some subtle shading around the outlines and in Jr.’s skin tone.  The shading and skintone went down so well, I almost thought adding the outlines would ruin it, but they really made it pop!  These were hand-fed on my Chandler & Price – the registration was a bear!

Thanks Matthew!

Photo Credits: A Fine Press