Reid’s Pac-Man Arcade Game Birthday Party Invitations

First it was superheroes, now arcade games! Designer Lauren Chism created these arcade game invitations for a 4th birthday party, drawing from the familiar playful elements of Pac-Man to appeal to both adult and kid guests. So fun!


From Lauren: My husband’s cousin, Courtney, asked me to design the invitations for her son Reid’s 4th birthday party earlier this year. She wanted to do an arcade theme and was open to a few arcade games, but I knew it would be tricky getting what there without using specific characters. We went with a Pac-Man inspired concept, which was cute and something adults and children would find fun.


While I wish I could take credit for her clever copywriting, Courtney came ready with such a cute play on words, especially with ‘Reid Level 4′. Sometimes the wording can just make an invitation! Courtney is also a talented photographer and had the cutest photo ever to incorporate on the back of the invitation.


Children’s birthday invitations are always a little challenging for me. Trying to marry my minimalist, typography-inspired design style with a children’s theme can be tricky, but I would call this one a success. I love how they turned out!



Thanks Lauren!

Design: Lauren Chism

Lauren Chism Fine Papers is a member of the Designer Rolodex – you can check out more of Lauren’s work right here!

Photo Credits: Lauren Chism Fine Papers

Lucas’s Superhero 4th Birthday Party Invitations

Happy Monday everyone! Before we jump back into recaps from the National Stationery Show, I couldn’t resist sharing the wonderful invitations that Lisa from Good on Paper created for her son’s 4th birthday! Lisa creates the most beautiful birthday party invitations (and announcements) for her two boys, and it’s always an inspiration to see the creative themes she comes up with year after year. For her elder son, Lucas, this year is all about superheroes – but in a really fun way!


From LisaWhile Lucas loves all kinds of super heroes – Captain America, Flash, Spider-Man, etc. – I really wanted the party to be more about the super powers of Lucas and his friends and to be a little less commercialized. The invitations were printed in black and green on heavy white cotton paper with a clean, minimal design highlighting Super Lucas.


Each invitation set included custom tattoos and instructions packaged in a small glassine envelope for each guest. The tattoos had the guest’s name (i.e. Super Connor) as well as super hero speech bubbles with expressions like “WOW”, “OK”, “YES”, and “COOL” instead of the usual “POW” and “BANG” expressions. The envelopes were lined with a pattern of the same super hero expressions. 


Such a great idea! Thank you so much Lisa!

Photo Credits: Good on Paper

Raffa’s Modern First Birthday Party Invitations

You really can’t go wrong with crisp, classic black + white – and these first birthday party invitations are no exception! Chloe from Hello There, Design created these invitations for her son’s first birthday (happy birthday Raffa!), featuring whimsical hand cut letter text and hand lettered envelope addresses. Love!


From Chloe: I designed these invitations for my son Raffa’s first birthday party. The invitations are simple black and white with text to match some hand cut letters that are part of a felt banner I made for the occasion. I included a very appropriate enthusiastic photo of Raffa above the text.


The back of the invitation features a pattern of asymmetrical diamond shapes, which matched the hand cut letters. I opted to have the envelopes hand lettered with white ink on black envelopes, then I made return address labels with the same hand cut lettering as the invitation. The invitations were digitally printed on Savoy cotton stock and the envelopes are Paper Source black.



Thanks Chloe!

Design: Chloe Marty of Hello There, Design

Envelope Hand Lettering: June Bride Lettering

Photo Credits: Jonna Solheim

Thomas’s Western Rodeo 2nd Birthday Party Invitations

Happy Monday everyone! I thought I’d kick the week off with these too-cute-for-words birthday party invitations from the ladies of Vellum & Vogue! Inspired by vintage fabric, the suite features a wood engraved invitation that evokes heat branding, wood tags with the image of a cowboy, and burlap ribbon. So fun!


From Alana + Krystal of Vellum & VogueDana came to us looking for a unique and festive invitation for her son’s 2nd birthday. The overall theme of the party was inspired by a vintage rodeo fabric she fell in love with. Once we laid our eyes on the unique textile, we knew we had to incorporate it into the invitation.


We decided to create a custom fabric backer for the invitation, which highlighted one of the many rodeo-inspired vignettes found within the fabric. To complement the Western theme, we engraved the invitation design onto a solid cedar wood stock and kept the burn markings to mimic the look of heat branding. We then wrapped the invitation in a wide burlap-style ribbon and finished the look with small wood tags bearing the image of a cowboy.  

Western-2nd-Birthday-Party-Invitations-Vellum-Vogue7 Western-2nd-Birthday-Party-Invitations-Vellum-Vogue8


Each invitation was packaged in a kraft box, sealed with a wraparound address label and mailed with Western-inspired postage.


Thanks Alana + Krystal!

Photo Credits: Vellum & Vogue

Sophie’s First Birthday Party!

As you know, we celebrated Sophie’s first birthday last month! We threw a little birthday party for her, with family and a few close friends. Given the roller coaster of the last few months, it was so nice to spend a beautiful afternoon with some of our favorite people to celebrate making it through the first year!


First, the invitations! Sophie is completely fascinated with balloons, so we knew that we wanted to bring them into her birthday party. I told Catherine from Printerette Press that we wanted something joyful and colorful and she dreamed up this amazing five-color design with her unique hand lettering for the text. My dear friend Michele of Meant to Be Calligraphy addressed the envelopes in neon pink ink in her Jackson script. I love the invitations SO much!

OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-36 OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-37



We chose one of our favorite hidden spots in DC, Montrose Park in Georgetown, as the venue for Sophie’s party. It has lots of picnic tables and a big playground with swings, all of which was perfect for our needs. Sophie’s cousins came down from upstate New York for the party and had such a great time running around the playground, while the adults could chill out under the trees.

OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-44 OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-40

We wanted the party decorations to be really bright and colorful, with lots of balloons, honeycombs, and garlands. My friend Kelly sent over some of her balloon honeycombs, which went perfectly with our balloon inspiration. I also made a bunch of tassels out hot pink, peach, and gold yarn, and spray painted a birthday banner in shades of hot pink, coral, and lavender.



OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-50 OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-20

We served a mix of sandwiches from one of our favorites, Taylor Gourmet, along with cupcakes from The Sweet Lobby. My Dad took a few photos of Sophie enjoying her birthday cupcake! I chose red velvet for her, which she loved.

Sophie-Birthday-Cupcake-Stephen-Michael-Garey Sophie-Birthday-Cupcake-Stephen-Michael-Garey2


Kelly also made Sophie a birthday crown! She wouldn’t keep it on for more than a few minutes, but it was completely adorable while it lasted.

OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-15 OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-24


OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-9 OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-30



OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-39 OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-42


Photo Credits: Vicki Grafton Photography, except where noted