{today I love… California wedding invitations!}

Today I’m filling in over at the haystack needle, sharing some of my favorite California wedding invitations while Jen is spending some time out in San Francisco (lucky girl!).  Check it out right here!

orange yellow gray vintage stamps wedding invitations
{allison + mark}

vintage cinema wedding invitations
{danielle + greg}

Just a quick reminder, if you’re looking for wedding invitation inspiration – you can find these invitations and lots more in the real invitation gallery!

On a personal note, if you’re interested in a glimpse into one of my average weekends in DC, I’m making a little appearance over on Maggie’s day in the life post on EAD Living.  Maggie and I (and our husbands) spent a Sunday afternoon on one of the first truly hot weekends of the summer grabbing brunch, produce shopping at Eastern Market, and living vicariously through M + T as they start to explore the DC real estate market.  Fun times!

{image credits: allison + mark’s invitations by union photography, danielle + greg’s invitations by greg piche photography}

Stationery vs. Stationary Tote Bags

These awesome tote bags were the unofficial biggest hit at the National Stationery Show last month – stationers and bloggers alike made a beeline for the Sapling Press booth to pick up one of Lisa’s stationery totes!  I’ve been carrying mine around with me ever since the show, and Lisa has finally made them available in the Sapling Press shop!  Get yours right here.

{image credits: Sapling Press}

{today I love…}

I’m slowly working my way through my apartment, decorating room by room.  And since the living room and office are all mostly done (although I’m still on the hunt for the perfect desk for the office), I’m now starting to focus on the bedroom – and I’ve pulled a few of my favorite bedroom images (all from my tumblr page) to help figure out my next steps.

{house beautiful}

The room itself is pretty tiny, just enough room for our bed and a couple of dressers.  We have three windows, so the room gets plenty of light during the day, and we installed bamboo blinds like the ones above.

{left: alvhem makleri via desire to inspire; right: rita konig’s bedroom from t magazine}

Since the room isn’t very big, I’m focused on trying to make the space cozy and peaceful without being dark.  The walls were already painted a light beige color when we moved in, which in the absence of any other interesting features or architectural details feels a bit flat.  I really like the idea of at least one wall with some pattern, and I love (love, love) the soft floral details in the wallpaper from Rita Konig’s bedroom above.

{living etc.}

Or maybe just a bit of shimmer on one accent wall?  Perhaps on the wall behind the bed…

{light locations via desire to inspire}


{design sponge}

I love how the two bedrooms above still have masculine elements even with the floral and toile wallpaper.  Neither is quite what I have in mind, but I really like the darker accents incorporated into each room.

{laura resen via decorology via mary ruffle}

Sigh… my dream summer bedroom.  Preferably somewhere close to a beach!

{all images from their respective sources}

{today I love… strawberry picking!}

Before I jump into today’s regular content – including some amazingly gorgeous wedding invitations – I just had to share a few photos from our trip to a u-pick strawberry farm this past weekend. Over the holiday weekend, the husband and I went out to the same farm where we picked out our pumpkins last fall, this time with the goal of bringing home as many strawberries as we could pick! We eventually met our goal (and perhaps even surpassed our expectations), but first we were distracted by some very cute kid goats and piglets:

baby farm animals

And a few roosting hens:

roosting hen

spring chickens

But then it was on to the strawberries!

strawberry farm

strawberry farm



We came home with – no joke – TEN pounds of strawberries!


strawberry basket

We’ve already eaten about a quarter of that and used another quarter to make ice cream. I’m busy exploring yummy strawberry recipes for the rest now!

{all photos by me}