DIY Tutorial: Patterned Wedding and Party Favor Bags

We have a confession: we’re crazy about details… and we can’t get enough pattern in our lives. A few weeks ago, we were on the hunt for the perfect favor bags and just couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for. A light bulb went off and Emma dreamed up these custom DIY wedding and party favor bags that can be made from any patterned sheet of paper! And thus a new obsession was born. – Bailey and Emma of Antiquaria

GoodieBAg Final 1 DIY Tutorial: Patterned Wedding and Party Favor Bags

These favor bags are best made in an assembly line fashion, completing each step for all of your bags at once. Doing it this way will save you tons of time!


Coco and Paloma Green Floral Patterned Paper in text weight


T-square Ruler



Double Sided Tape (a tape gun is faster but optional)

GoodieBag Step1 DIY Tutorial: Patterned Wedding and Party Favor Bags

Step 1: Using a scoreboard, score your sheet of paper on the back (we used 8.5 x 11″ patterned paper) half an inch above the bottom (the 11″ side) and half an inch from right hand side. Lastly, score down the new center, at the 5.25″ mark. You can adapt this technique to any size paper by using this formula, simply adjust the center score accordingly.

GoodieBag Step2 DIY Tutorial: Patterned Wedding and Party Favor Bags

Step 2: With a t-square ruler, draw a light pencil line across the lefthand side and righthand half inch portion of the paper that you just scored, about an inch down from the top.

GoodieBag Step3 DIY Tutorial: Patterned Wedding and Party Favor Bags

Step 3: Next, you will center a plate on the right-hand side, in between your straight pencil lines. This is how to create the top arch on your bag. Trace the top of the plate light with a pencil. You should now have a cutting guide that runs all the way across your paper.

GoodieBag Step4 DIY Tutorial: Patterned Wedding and Party Favor Bags

Step 4: With scissors, carefully cut along the line that you just made. You will also need to cut half an inch at the center score line along the bottom to where the score marks meet.

GoodieBag Step5 DIY Tutorial: Patterned Wedding and Party Favor Bags

Step 5: Next, fold down the righthand half inch score mark. Apply double sided tape along the length of the right side as well as across the bottom right side (from cut to edge). Carefully fold the left side to meet the right and adhere them together.

GoodieBag Step6 DIY Tutorial: Patterned Wedding and Party Favor Bags

Step 6: Flip your bag over and finish it off by folding up the bottom half inch and tape it to the back using double sided tape.

GoodieBag Final 2 DIY Tutorial: Patterned Wedding and Party Favor Bags

Et voila! Favor bags sure to impress at any wedding or party. Now… what to put in them?

Photo Credits: Antiquaria for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Virginia + Peter’s Low Key Wedding Invitations

Designer Christine Wisnieski created this beautiful and low key wedding invitation suite with an unusual (but awesome) source of inspiration: the bride’s collection of vintage china! The invitation suite features a blush pink and kraft paper color palette with subtle vintage-inspired design details. So lovely!

Low Key Cape Cod Wedding Invitations Christine Wisnieski OSBP Virginia + Peters Low Key Wedding Invitations

From Christine: I created a simple and delicate wedding invitation suite in pale blush pink inspired by Virginia’s collection of vintage china and lace wedding gown. Family and friends from all over the country gathered on Cape Cod to enjoy a quaint celebration and beautifully prepared meal at the bride’s family home.

Low Key Cape Cod Wedding Invitations Christine Wisnieski OSBP3 Virginia + Peters Low Key Wedding Invitations

Low Key Cape Cod Wedding Invitations Christine Wisnieski OSBP2 Virginia + Peters Low Key Wedding Invitations

The blush pink and kraft paper includes a letterpress printed invitation, rsvp card, welcome dinner note, and envelope along with day-of stationery pieces like ceremony programs, menus, escort cards, table numbers and favor packaging. Ohio Cherry bitters were thoughtfully crafted by the bride and groom and packaged in amber bottles for guests to take home.

Low Key Cape Cod Wedding Invitations Christine Wisnieski OSBP5 Virginia + Peters Low Key Wedding Invitations

Low Key Cape Cod Wedding Invitations Christine Wisnieski OSBP6 Virginia + Peters Low Key Wedding Invitations

Low Key Cape Cod Wedding Invitations Christine Wisnieski OSBP7 Virginia + Peters Low Key Wedding Invitations

Low Key Cape Cod Wedding Invitations Christine Wisnieski OSBP8 Virginia + Peters Low Key Wedding Invitations

Low Key Cape Cod Wedding Invitations Christine Wisnieski OSBP9 Virginia + Peters Low Key Wedding Invitations

Thanks Christine!

Design: Christine Wisnieski

Letterpress Printing: Type Twenty Seven

Check out the Designer Rolodex for more tal­ented wed­ding invi­ta­tion design­ers and the real invi­ta­tions gallery for more wedding invitation ideas!

Photo Credits: Christine Wisnieski

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea’s bright pops of color made it an instant hit on blogs and social media. It naturally worked its way onto the wedding scene in every piece from the alter to the dinner table. While bougainvillea is a beautiful vine that can be incorporated into many spaces of your wedding day, there is also a lot of inspiration to be pulled from its vibrant colors. – Lauren

inspiration Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Bougainvillea

My initial inspiration came from this gorgeous bohemian wedding on Green Wedding Shoes. Taking a cue from the various tones of coral and pink, here are some fun ways to incorporate bougainvillea into for your wedding day.

dessert signage Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Bougainvillea

Dessert and food labels via Style Me Pretty

ombre escort cards2 Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Bougainvilleatransparent place cards Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Bougainvillea

Ombre escort cards via Ashley Gain Blog // Translucent escort cards via Martha Stewart Weddings

cocktail napkins Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Bougainvillea

Custom cocktail napkins via Style Me Pretty

escort card display Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Bougainvillea

Escort card display via Style Me Pretty

ombre menu Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Bougainvillea

Hand painted menu via Shannon Kirsten

chalk favor tags Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Bougainvilleawatercolor table numbers Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Bougainvillea

Coral Chalkboard Favor Tags via Kraft Stash on Etsy // Watercolor table numbers via Style Me Pretty

Whether you decide to use the plant itself or find color inspiration in the beautiful blooms – there are so many different ways to incorporate this summer trend into your big day!

Where To Find Vintage Stamps

As you probably know by now, I’m a big fan of using vintage stamps on milestone stationery like wedding invitations and baby announcements. I used vintage stamps for my own wedding invitations, moving announcements, and for Sophie’s birth announcements almost two (!!) years ago – and I’ve featured countless wedding invitations with beautiful vintage stamps over the years. Vintage stamps offer a wonderful opportunity to represent your personal style, whether chosen thematically or by color palette. And since unused postage never expires, there are endless options to suit everything from a formal black tie wedding to a casual backyard gathering. Some readers have asked for tips on where to find vintage stamps over the last few weeks, so today I thought I’d share my go-to sources!

Where to Find Vintage Stamps OSBP Where To Find Vintage Stamps

Photo by Union Photography from Allison and Mark’s wedding invitations


If you have the time to search for stamps yourself, eBay is a wonderful resource for finding vintage stamps! This is my personal go-to source, and I like to search for entire sheets of vintage stamps. You can start here, and you’ll find sheets of everything from 3¢ stamps to recently issued stamps. You can refine the results by adding keywords – like science, love, birds, etc. – but leave out the word “stamp” since you’re already searching by stamp sheets. This method can be super effective if you’re searching for thematic stamps, but you may run into a bit of trouble if you’re trying to group stamps based on a particular color palette.

The best way to search for vintage stamps on eBay is by identifying the Scott number of a particular stamp that you love, since many eBay stamp dealers will use only the Scott number in their listing. For example, a really pretty flower “Love” stamp is #1951, my favorite constellation stamp is #3945, and another favorite stamp with state birds and flowers is #1953.

Constellation Starfinder Birth Announcements Vintage Stamps OSBP Where To Find Vintage Stamps

Photo by me from Sophie’s Constellation-Inspired Birth Announcements

Online Shops

There are a bunch of online vintage stamp shops that will curate a collection of stamps for you based on your theme or color palette – such a great option for busy couples or anyone feeling super overwhelmed by the whole process. There are probably a million more that I don’t know about, but here are a few of the shops on my radar:

Underwood Letterpress

Verde Studio

Pack and Post


Vintage Postage Shop

Darling One

Love the Postage

A couple more online stamp shop options: Champion Stamps and US Mint Sheets. They don’t offer stamp curation, at least that I know of, but you can buy tons of vintage stamps here. Just browse by Scott number through pages and pages of vintage stamps to find what you like – just pay attention to the pricing, which may not be face value.

Antiquaria Vintage Stamps DIY Save the Date OSBP Where To Find Vintage Stamps

Photo by Antiquaria from this Vintage-Inspired DIY Save the Date Tutorial

Local stamp dealers, stamp club members, and stamp shows

If you can track down a local stamp dealer or stamp club, they will often have vintage postage that they are willing to part with for face value. I’m told they come by large piles of vintage stamps when they buy stamp collections – but many are considered “worthless” from a stamp collecting point of view. Seriously: just Google your city/area and “stamp club” and see what comes up. You can try emailing the club or see if they list upcoming stamp show dates and go talk to them in person.

 Where To Find Vintage Stamps

Photo by Paisley Quill from Brooks and Erin’s wedding invitations

Local stamp shops and antique stores

If there is a stamp and coin shop in your area, you’re in luck! Stop by and ask to see their face value stamps. Stamp museums also often sell vintage stamps; a fun detail I discovered during a visit to the National Postal Museum earlier this year. You can also try local antique shops – if they don’t have any in the shop they may still be able to connect you with a local dealer with an extra supply of face value stamps. I’ve also heard of some people stumbling onto affordable stamp collections at flea markets – just be sure that you’re buying unused/uncanceled stamps!

MSW Vintage Stamp Collections Wedding Envelopes Where To Find Vintage StampsMSW Vintage Stamps Wedding Invitation Envelopes Where To Find Vintage Stamps

Photos via Martha Stewart Weddings

A few tips for using vintage stamps:

While you’re searching and shopping for stamps, make sure that you have one stamp worth at least 15¢ (or more!). Most wedding invitations require a minimum of 70¢ postage at the current rate. The 3¢ and 8¢ stamps are beautiful, but you’ll need a 29¢ or 33¢ stamp somewhere in the mix to make up the difference.

Consider planning out your stamp arrangement ahead of time to make sure you leave room for an address – and to maximize visual impact. Some stamps look best in a straight row across the top of an envelope, while others look best in a puzzle piece arrangement in the corner. It all depends on the group of stamps you select!

Tell your stationer and/or calligrapher as soon as possible if you plan to incorporate vintage stamps into your wedding stationery. A calligrapher will definitely need to know so he or she can leave enough room at the top of the envelope for your stamps, and a large number of vintage stamps might affect a stationer’s idea to use a non-traditional envelope shape or layout.

If a particular stamp design is in high demand, some dealers will list the stamp at a price greater than face value. I’ve seen this happen to some of the pretty “Love” stamps frequently used on wedding invitations, so if you have your heart set on a particular stamp you might need to factor that cost into your stationery budget. I personally think it’s worth it to find the perfect stamp for the occasion, but the trick is to find stamps that collectors don’t care about yet make a visual impact when assembled as a small group on your envelope.

Those are my tips! Are any of you planning to use vintage stamps soon?

Today I love…

I used to do these kinds of posts all the time back in the day – and I kind of miss them! So today I thought I’d share a few of the things are inspiring me these days or that have caught my eye over the last couple of weeks:

OSBP Today I Love August2014 Today I love...

1. Mini copper planters from Julia Kostreva

2. These DIY printable party invitations from Martha Stewart are an oldie but a goodie – and so perfect for summer!

3. Cantaloupe-Basil Granita

4. Tilly baguette leather clutch with scallop detail by Matine

5. This scallop necklace is so pretty (and I apparently have a thing for scallop details these days)

6. We have this amazing ship kite from Haptic Lab in white in Sophie’s room and we LOVE it! It’s made by artisans in Bali from locally-sourced bamboo and nylon – but I also love the canary yellow version!