Behind the Scenes: Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.

It’s my last post of the week and I’ve been saving snapshots from one of my favorite Instagram feeds. Not very often a designer comes along who changes everything! Their aesthetic and point of view is so fresh and effortless that it’s truly trend setting. If you’re a regular blog reader the artist below, she needs no introduction… — Shauna of Forage Haberdashery

behind the scenes anna bond

behind the scenes anna bond

Yep! You guessed it, the works in progress above belong to Ann Bond of Rifle Paper Co. I’ll never forget the first time I saw her work and Following her Instagram feed takes you on her travels to cities like London and Paris as she gathers inspiration. She also shares her late nights painting, constant press checks and peeks into her Winter Park, Florida storefront.

Some of my favorite things by Anna in the Rifle Paper Co shop:
gold foil pocket notebooks
personalized calling cards
2013 cities calendar

Photo Credits: Anna Bond {via [email protected]}

P.S. I hope sharing a little behind the scenes from a few of my favorite designers has you inspired to learn more about the people and processes behind some of your favorite paper goods. Thanks again to Nole for inviting me to guest blog all week – I had a blast!  xoxo, Shauna of Forage Haberdashery (see what I’m up to via Instagram @hidinginhere)

Behind the Scenes: Jenna of Love Jenna Calligraphy

Calligraphy is one of those great mysteries to me. I’ve tried it a thousand times just because I love all the tools (nibs, pens, brushes and those cute little bottles of ink – sigh). Along the way I discovered a secret. Calligraphers keep a little scratch sheet of paper to test the often inconsistent flow of ink from nibs and brushes. — Shauna of Forage Haberdashery

behind the scenes love jenna calligraphy

behind the scenes love jenna calligraphy

I’ve decided calligraphy is one of those talents you’re either born with or your not and Jenna of Love Jenna Calligraphy was definitely born with it. She has the ability to make calligraphy feel unexpected, whimsical and not at all fussy. In addition to her fanciful script, I obsess over her scraps of paper full of ink splotches and tiny little lines. She often plays with unexpected colors which gives her effortless flourishes a modern feeling. Talk about girl crush – I’ve got it bad for Jenna.

Some of Jenna’s projects that I adore:
brooklyn love
wild mushrooms with truffle custard
may 16th

Photo Credit: jenna {via Instagram @lovejennacalligraphy}

Behind the Scenes: Christine Schmidt of Yellow Owl Workshop

I often fall head-over-heels in love with printmakers. There’s something about the process that can be so simple yet pure magic at the same time. My Instagram feed is full of artists and designers who use printing techniques and I just can’t get enough… — Shauna of Forage Haberdashery

behind the scenes yellow owl workshop

behind the scenes yellow owl workshop
One of my favorite designers is Christine Schmidt of Yellow Owl Workshop. I love that she continues to find ways to include her fans in the process of printmaking through playful stamps, kits and books. The Yellow Owl Workshop collection is full of colorful goods that reflect the quirky process Christine uses to create them.

Some of my favorite items in the Yellow Owl Workshop shop are:
print workshop (book)
carve-a-stamp (kit)
dots and dyes (card)

Photo Credits: Christine Schmidt {via instagram @yellow_owl_workshop}

Behind the Scenes: Lisa Congdon

Getting a peek into the process of a creative person is pretty magical. All those messes and piles are the perfect map to follow along in their journey. My favorite artists and designers are ones who share the behind the scenes almost as much as the finished works. This week I’m digging through my favorite artists’ Instagram feeds and sharing what I find… — Shauna of Forage Haberdashery

behind the scenes lisa congdon

behind the scenes lisa congdon

The beautiful painted mess above belongs to Lisa Congdon, an artist who inspires me for a million reasons  (a killer studio full of life is only one of them). Lisa has shared her creative journey through photographs and blogging for years and this allows her fans to have a truly special connection to her work.

A few of my favorite things made by Lisa Congdon:

geraldine (font)
a collection a day (book)
here & now (print)

Photo Credits: Lisa Congdon {via Instagram @lisacongdon}

Behind the Scenes: Shanna Murray

Hello there. It’s Shauna from Forage Haberdashery and I’ll be sharing a little post with you each day this week. Before I get started, I wanted to say congratulations to Nole (and thanks for inviting me).

I love paper (Ed Note: I’m a huge fan of Shauna’s stationery company – Seed House Stationers – here’s a quick peek from the National Stationery Show in May), but even more than paper goods, I adore the people who make them. For my posts this week, I scoured the Instagram feeds of my favorite designers, searching for a little behind the scenes and can’t wait to share what I found…

shanna murray behind the scenes

shanna murray behind the scenes

First up, is Shanna Murray. I love her illustrated decals and dream of covering an entire room with her bows, wreaths and sweet sentiments. Getting a glimpse into her world is such a treat from her effortlessly styled desk, to piles of colorful decals and all that beautiful packaging. Her attention to detail is something I absolutely adore.

A few of my favorite things in Shanna Murray’s shop (shown above):
darling bow
be kind
ring of clover & lucky stars tiding

Photo Credits: Shanna Murray {via Instagram @heidibraids}