Inspired By: Pom Poms!

I’m having a MAJOR pom pom moment these days. It’s not like pom poms ever go out of style – especially when it comes to curtains and blankets – but I really just want to put pom poms on all. the. things. Baskets? Yes! Shoes? Yes! Here are a few current pom pom favorites!

Inspired by: Pom Poms! / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Blabla mobile

2. Eliza Gran Studio baskets

3. Moroccan pom pom blanket

4. Proud Mary pom pom throw (and pillow!)

5. ASOS sandals

6. LEIF Striped Pom Pom Pillow

Inspired By: Iridescent Everything

Perhaps I’ve gone completely off the deep end, but I’m completely gaga for the iridescent thing happening everywhere right now. From holographic metallic foil and leather to straight up opalescent shimmer, if it shines and has a subtle rainbow glow to it, I’m 100% on board. Iridescence is best done in small doses, which is probably why it works so well in stationery form, but iridescent balloons and garlands would also be a fun addition to a party!

Inspired By: Iridescent Everything / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Baggu Hologram Wallet

2. Mobile Charger (in Disco)

3. Lionheart Prints Totes My Fave Hologram Foil Card

4. Holographic Moon Balloon

5. Iridescent Fringe Garland

6. The Social Type Killin’ It Gold Hologram Foil Notepad

7. Ashkahn Thank You For Existing Silver Hologram Foil Card

8. Vintage Iridescent Cocktail Glasses

p.s. You can find more iridescent favorites and inspiration right here!

Inspired By: Tropical Foliage

Pineapples, watermelons, and flamingos all had a very large presence at last year’s National Stationery Show, but this year I’m expecting an explosion of tropical foliage! From palm fronds to philodendron leaves to banana leaves – I just can’t get enough!

OSBP Trendspotting: Tropical Foliage Round Up

1. Hartland Brooklyn

2. Kertis gold + silver leaf pattern leather clutch

3. Ferme à Papier palm triangle note pad

4. Antiquaria Mahalo card

5. The Aestate banana leaves watercolor print

6. Philodendron leaf pillow

Inspired By: Cats

If you’ve met me in person – or browsed through my Instagram stream – you probably know that I’m kind of a crazy cat lady. My husband and I adopted two cats when we first started living together, and over the years we’ve rescued a few more, bringing our current total to five – not to mention the foster cats that went on to permanent homes and the friendly semi-feral alley cats that we keep an eye on in our neighborhood. So for any fellow cat people out there, here’s a quick little round up of some favorite feline-themed goodies!

Trendspotting: Cat Lady Round Up by Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. This print by Leah Goren also comes in a dress and t-shirt!

2. Ladyfingers Letterpress knows the true measure of love

3. YES. The perfect tote bag by Emily McDowell

4. Catbird has a whole section dedicated to cat-inspired jewelry!

5. Such a great birthday card from Hello!Lucky

6. This card from Greenwich Letterpress would be perfect for my husband

7. I love this newsprint gift wrap collaboration between Leah Goren and Knot + Bow (also available in the black cat pattern)!

8. Gold foil cats (also available in silver and copper!) from Hartland Brooklyn

9. Yay for fellow cat ladies from The Good Twin Co.

10. I think I need this ceramic ring dish by Up in the Air Somewhere exclusively for Catbird