Party Paper: Mother’s Day Brunch

While moms should really be celebrated every day, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to gather together family, friends and fellow moms and say a big “Thank you!” for all the hard work these ladies do throughout the year! Sweet cards to express the sentiment, pretty feminine decor and some delicious breakfast treats (Ehm, donuts!) are all you need to throw a wonderful Mother’s Day brunch. —Kelly

Party Paper: Mother's Day Brunch via Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Mother’s Day Card from Sycamore Street Press

2. Mother’s Day Printables from Oh My Deer via West Elm

3. Letter Balloon Sticks from Shop Sweet Lulu

4. Tissue Paper Poms from Urban Outfitters

5. Printable Mother’s Day Art Prints from Lovely Indeed

6. Glitter Bows from Leif

Party Paper: Palm Springs Pastels

Blame Easter, but I’ve been all about pastels lately. And today I’m thinkin’ about a party inspired by my favorite place – Palm Springs – and what it might look like bathed in pastel hues! Pretty perfect, huh? Here’s how to have to pull off the desert party of your (my?) dreams! —Kelly

Party Paper: Palm Springs Pastels


1. Cards by Idlewild Co. via Moorea Seal

2. Tassel Garland from Studio Mucci

3. Polka Dot Cups from The TomKat Studio

4. Palm Greeting Cards by Green Tie Studio via Baba Souk

5. DIY Pom Pom Cactus from Sugar & Cloth

6. Watercolor Gift Tags by Moglea

Party Paper: Pot(Luck) of Gold

St. Patrick’s Day never gets as much attention as some of the other holidays (especially when Easter is just around the corner!), but I think it’s always worth celebrating. With a potluck (of gold), that is! Throw a little gilded gathering at work, with friends or with the kids and celebrate that pot of gold we’re all searching for at the end of the rainbow. —Kelly

Party Paper: Potluck of Gold via Oh So Beautiful Paper1. DIY Pot of Gold Printables from Sugar & Cloth

2. Gold Letter Balloons from The TomKat Studio (Full alphabet available here.)

3. Gold Party Decor from Oh Happy Day

4. Gold Cocktail Napkins from Paper Source

5. Gold Scalloped Candy Cups from Shop Sweet Lulu

6. Gold Paper Rosettes from Paper Source

Party Paper: Valentine’s Day Baking Party

Gather the gals for a Valentine’s Day baking party! Whip up some treats (Cookies? Donuts? Macarons?) and then package them up to send home with guests or to hand out to family, friends or co-workers. Nothing like a party with something extra sweet to take home, eh!? —Kelly

Party Paper: Valentine's Day Baking Party via Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. DIY Lip Patterned Gift Wrap from Sugar & Cloth

2. Red Stripe Cups from Meri Meri at Urbanic

3. Valentine Breakable Heart Favors from Oh Happy Day

4. Pink Heart Doilies from Shop Sweet Lulu

5. XOXO Favor Bags from Shop Sweet Lulu

6. You’re Sweet Tags from Print Smitten

Party Paper: Slumber Party!

Has anyone noticed how popular eye prints seem to be lately!? I love ’em and thought it would be really fun to use this trend for a fun twist on a slumber party! Eye spy invitations, notebooks (for playing MASH, of course!), sleep masks… and a pretty cute midnight snack, too. Sweet dreams! —Kelly

Party Paper: Slumber Party via Oh So Beautiful Paper1. Eye Print Gift Wrap from Kate Zaremba Company

2. I Only Have Eyes for You Card from Idlewild Co.

3. Milk + Cookies Midnight Snack from Sugar & Cloth (Mini Milk Jugs from Shop Sweet Lulu)

4. Eye Mask from Kate Spade

5. Printable Eye Wrap + Tags from Amy Moss for Oh Happy Day

6. Eye Pattern Notebook from Worthwhile Paper