Calligraphy Inspiration: Flourish & Whim

This month’s dose of calligraphy inspiration comes from the talented hand of  Flourish & Whim‘s Julie Manwaring. Some of my favorite calligraphers are also fantastic illustrators; it may be because that illustrative character influences their calligraphic style in a way that’s truly magical. Honestly, you don’t take my word for it; just take a look as her work speaks for itself!  – Julie

flourishandwhim1 Calligraphy Inspiration: Flourish & Whim

flourishandwhim2 Calligraphy Inspiration: Flourish & Whim

flourishandwhim3 Calligraphy Inspiration: Flourish & Whim

A gorgeous collaboration between Julie and Kristine Arellano of Presshaus LA who designed the suite. Calligraphy and letterpress: match made in heaven!

flourishandwhim 4 Calligraphy Inspiration: Flourish & Whim

flourishandwhim 5 Calligraphy Inspiration: Flourish & Whim

Who wouldn’t want a beautiful wedding keepsake like this wedding certificate? Julie shows off her chops as amazing illustrator with this stunning detail.

flourishandwhim6 Calligraphy Inspiration: Flourish & Whim

flourishandwhim7 Calligraphy Inspiration: Flourish & Whim

Flourish & Whim also offers beautiful calligraphy stamps. From return addresses to monograms, Julie’s got you covered! For more information, or lovely calligraphy inspiration, head over to her blog!

Photo credits: 1 Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day; 2 Sara Ewalt of Pinyadayada; 3 – 7 Julie Manwaring of Flourish & Whim

Pretty Paper in the Office: Magazine Files

Magazines have been one of my go-to sources for ideas and inspiration for years, no matter the subject. As a result, I’ve accumulated stacks (and stacks and stacks) of them. I love magazine files for the simple fact that they tuck away the visual clutter of magazine piles, and provide an easy way to organize them by whatever subject suits you best. A shelf of these lined up neatly makes quite a statement! I’ve put together a round up of a few different styles that may tickle your organizational fancy. – Julie

PrettyPaperMagazineFiles Pretty Paper in the Office: Magazine Files

No. 1 Vintage Magazine File from See Jane Work; No. 2 See Jane Work Paperboard File from Office Depot; No. 3 Copper Magazine Holder from Anthropologie; No. 4 Portola Magazine File from See Jane Work; No. 5 Linen Magazine Box from Restoration Hardware; No. 6 Marten Magazine File from The Container Store

{images via their respective sources}

Calligraphy Inspiration: Mon Voir

With spring just around the corner, I really wanted to showcase the work of some fresh talent. Something playful and charming; something that feels like a breath of fresh air. I found just what I was looking for in self-taught calligrapher and illustrator Jenna Rainey of Mon Voir. Her illustration work really comes through in her style, as it has smooth painterly quality. I’m quite smitten with Jenna’s calligraphy and I’m sure you will be, too!  – Julie

monvoir 1 Calligraphy Inspiration: Mon Voir

monvoir2 Calligraphy Inspiration: Mon Voir

Jenna’s lively style floats and dances its way across the surface. Elements of her writing have an air of romance, much like that of an old love letter.

monvoir3 Calligraphy Inspiration: Mon Voir

monvoir4 Calligraphy Inspiration: Mon Voir

monvoir6 Calligraphy Inspiration: Mon Voir

Youthful and lighthearted, I love that even a single word can bring the ordinary to life. Jenna’s calligraphy is all the embellishment you need!

monvoir5 Calligraphy Inspiration: Mon Voir

monvoir 7 Calligraphy Inspiration: Mon Voir

For more of Jenna’s work check out her blog and Instagram which is filled with beautiful peeks at projects.

Photo credits: No. 1, 2; 3 left, +4 Jenna Rainey; No. 3 right, 5 +  7 left Megan.Jeanne ; No.6 Kristen Rae Photography; No. 7 right Erich McVey 

Pretty Paper in the Office: Wastebaskets

Who ever said that trash had to look like trash? Wastebaskets are great for more than corralling crumpled paper; they can be stylish storage or even furniture. (One of these can be paired with a fitted add-on top to transform it into a table; why not try something similar with any other wastebasket?)  No matter what you’re into—vintage, modern, or on-trend with marble—there’s a basket to suit your needs. – Julie

PrettyPaperWastebaskets Pretty Paper in the Office: Wastebaskets

No. 1  Round Makati Wastebasket from The Container Store; No. 2 Marché Wire Wastebasket from The Container Store; No. 3 Luna Square Marble Waste Can from Waterworks; No. 4 Woodrow Bentwood Wastebasket from The Container Store; No. 5 Small wire Basket in Mint by ferm LIVING (Basket top here); No. 6 Bin Bin Wastepaper Basket from Canoe

{images via their respective sources}

Calligraphy Inspiration: Blue Eye Brown Eye

Love must be in the air as I recently fell head over heels when I came across the work of Blue Eye Brown Eye‘s Lauren Essl. A designer and calligrapher, Lauren’s portfolio of work is as impressive as it is beautiful. Her pitch perfect invitation design and calligraphy turns something as everyday as a paper and envelopes into a beloved keepsake. Her blog is filled with stunning peeks of her work along with tips and resources for the beginning calligraphers. She’s also sharing her talent with the world through calligraphy classes!  – Julie

blueeyebrowneye 1 Calligraphy Inspiration: Blue Eye Brown Eye

blueeyebrowneye 2 Calligraphy Inspiration: Blue Eye Brown Eye

blueeyebrowneye 3 Calligraphy Inspiration: Blue Eye Brown Eye

I really love how Lauren utilizes space; corners and flaps are filled with ribbons of ink and creates a nice balance for a colorful array of stamps.

blueeyebrowneye 4 Calligraphy Inspiration: Blue Eye Brown Eye

blueeyebrowneye 5 Calligraphy Inspiration: Blue Eye Brown Eye

blueeyebrowneye 6 Calligraphy Inspiration: Blue Eye Brown Eye

To see more of her beautiful calligraphy be sure to check out Lauren’s portfolio and blog. You can also register for her calligraphy classes if you’re located in Texas! More information is available on her website.

Photo credits: 1, 4 Amanda Marie Portraits; 2 Apryl Ann Photography; 3 l+r Heather Ann Design & Photography; 5 Lauren Essl; 6 left N.Barrett Photography, right Ben Q Photography