Pretty Paper in the Office: Pencil Sharpeners

Whether you use it everyday as a tool, or just have a few around in case you need them, pencils always find their way into the workplace. Which means you also need to have a pencil sharpener around. Even though it’s an afterthought to most, these tiny tools not only serve to sharpen, they can be a cute addition to your workspace. From vintage toy treasures to shiny new sharpeners, you’re bound to find one just right for you. – Julie
PrettyPaperSharpeners Pretty Paper in the Office: Pencil Sharpeners

No. 1 Solid aluminum pencil sharpener

No. 2 Suck UK Clockwork pencil sharpener

No. 3 Dux Outer Ring brass sharpener

No. 4 Vintage Boston pencil sharpener

No.5 Vintage globe sharpener

No. 6 Bakelite double pencil sharpener

Calligraphy Inspiration: The Weekend Type

I hope you’re ready for some amazing calligraphy inspiration! This month’s calligrapher of note is the lovely Korie Lynn Herold of  The Weekend Type. Not only is she doing great work behind the camera as a talented wedding photographer, she’s providing beautiful work for the camera as a calligrapher. Her portfolio is a stunner – filled with hand-lettered goodies for you to feast your eyes on. – Julie

weekendtype3 Calligraphy Inspiration: The Weekend Type

weekendtype2 Calligraphy Inspiration: The Weekend Type

Simple light and wispy threads of ink make these wedding invitations utterly romantic. A gorgeous option for those seeking strong yet silent stationery.

weekendtype4 Calligraphy Inspiration: The Weekend Type

weekendtype1 Calligraphy Inspiration: The Weekend Type

weekendtype5 Calligraphy Inspiration: The Weekend Type

This message in a bottle invitation definitely works much better with lovely calligraphy rather than something overly kitsch to play on the theme.

weekendtype6 Calligraphy Inspiration: The Weekend Type

To see more of Korie’s calligraphy, be sure to check out her blog and Instagram!

Photos via: Korie Lynn Herold

Pretty Paper in the Office: Maps

When looking to dress your office walls, maps are certainly the go-to solution. Maps can be visually stunning and educating, and there are many options to choose from. From scratch maps to maps with pins to maps that you pin things to. No matter what you’re looking for, these maps will make sure you’re looking in the right place. – Julie
PrettyPaper Maps Pretty Paper in the Office: Maps

No. 1 Corkboard map from West Elm; No. 2 Places of Earth by Oliver Jeffers; No. 3 World wall map from Schoolhouse Electric; No. 4 Kraft + White world map from Kawaii Stationery; No. 5 Deluxe Scratch-Off World map from Urban Outfitters; No. 6 Black + White world map from Kawaii Stationery


{images via their respective sources}

Calligraphy Inspiration: petitserif

Looking through the work of this month’s calligraphy inspiration was a lot of fun. Her work is all about type; from calligraphy to lettering to typeforms created out of bacon, this girl loves letters and it’s plain to see. Wendy Xu of petitserif is has quite the talented hand. With a degree in graphic design from Parsons, and background in Type Design from Type@Cooper, her grasp on letterforms shows in her truly gorgeous calligraphy.  –Julie

petitserif4 Calligraphy Inspiration: petitserif

petitserif1 Calligraphy Inspiration: petitserif

petitserif2 Calligraphy Inspiration: petitserif

Wendy has struck a wonderful balance in styles. ‘Victoria’ is my favorite: fantastic flourishes and connections that step it up from being just another whimsical style.

petitserif3 Calligraphy Inspiration: petitserif

petitserif5 Calligraphy Inspiration: petitserif

petitserif61 Calligraphy Inspiration: petitserif

Her portfolio of lettering is filled with typographic goodies too, so you’ll definitely have to take a look for yourself! If you’d like to see more of Wendy’s work, visit her portfoliodribbble, or Instagram.

Photo Credits: Wendy Xu


Pretty Paper in the Office: Wall Clocks

Whether at the office or in the grand scheme of things, time flies. (Um, how is it fall already?) When I’m in the thick of it, I find myself glancing up at the clock, even if I happen to be in a room that doesn’t have one! Depending on your choice of clock, they can even pull double-duty as functional pieces of art or sculpture. No matter the style in which they do it, a wall clock will always make sure you’re right on time. - Julie

PrettyPaperWallClocks Pretty Paper in the Office: Wall Clocks

No. 1 Tanker clock by Schoolhouse Electric; No. 2 Toki wall clock from Canoe; No. 3 Mr. White wall clock from West Elm; No. 4 4040 Locus Industrial clock from Urban Outfitters; No. 5 Dots.. wall clock by Priscila Peress; No. 6 Overlook wire clock from CB2

{images via their respective sources}