DIY Geek Chic Graph Paper Save the Dates

It’s the ladies of Antiquaria, back with another fabulous and creative DIY project for you all!  This project is for wedding save the dates, but you can easily apply this tutorial to any party invitations or announcements!

Inspired by some awesome vintage graph paper we found while rummaging through an estate sale, we crafted up this super easy (only 3 steps!) and affordable DIY save the date perfect for a casual and cheeky affair!!  This project requires just a few materials and most that are extremely easy to find – you might even have them hanging around your office at this very moment.

DIY Geek Chic Rubber Stamp Wedding Save the Date Tutorial

Step One: Choose the paper you wish to stamp on (a list of options follows below) and lay it on a flat surface.  Ink the stamp; we used the “Sketchbook” save the date stamp for this design.

Hand Stamped Save the Dates: Step 1

Step Two:  Once you have all of your images stamped, use a paper cutter or a cutting mat, x-acto knife and ruler to cut them to the correct size.  Our suggestion is to give 1/8″ to 1/4″ of border on each side of your image.

Hand Stamped Save the Dates: Step 2

Step Three: Tear pieces of decorative washi tape to secure the stamped image in place on the backer (size A6).  If you want the stamped image to be more securely affixed to the backing, use spray adhesive to adhere them together.

Hand Stamped Save the Dates: Step 3

Materials List:

Custom rubber stamp: “Sketchbook” Save the Date

Washi tape

Spray adhesive

Decorative Paper: (this can be found at your local office supply store, thrift stores, estate or garage sales or in your own office!)  Or, if you want, go here to print your own customizable graph paper for free!!

Paper cutter or self healing matt, X-acto and ruler

Color Box Stamp Pad: We chose a rust/brown color for this tutorial

Backing Paper: We used pre-cut Kraft card stock, size A6

Photo Credits: Antiquaria

The Lettered Olive – TwentyEleven Collection

The ladies at The Lettered Olive have a brand new collection coming out next month, and today I’m thrilled to be giving you all a little sneak peek!  The new album made its debut at the National Stationery Show, and includes some seriously pretty invitation suites inspired by fashion and textile prints, nature, and good old classic elegance.  Stunning!


The Anson Collection


The Woodland Collection


The Laurens Collection


The Calhoun Collection


The Beaufain Collection

You’ll have to wait until July to see the rest of the new collection, but in the meantime you can see many, many more beautiful wedding invitations over at The Lettered Olive!

Photo Credits: The Lettered Olive

Allie’s Vintage-Inspired Kentucky Derby Party Invitations

I admit that I’ve never actually watched the Kentucky Derby (or any other horse race), but I’ve always thought it would be fun to throw a theme party inspired by the derby.  All the ladies wear big hats, all the gentlemen wear seersucker suits, with lawn games and plenty of mint juleps to go around.  Sounds fabulous!  Well, Allie from Allie Ruth Design and her husband Ryan really did throw a derby party this year, and today we get a peek at the beautiful invitations she created for the party!


From Allie:  As soon as Ryan and I decided to have a Derby party, I knew I had to come up with something cute and vintage-inspired to invite our guests.  Believe it or not, this was actually the first time I had ever letterpress printed anything for my own party!  This was also my first time ever using a real vintage letterpress block.  I have always used photopolymer plates, but this time, I knew that the only way I could achieve the true vintage aesthetic that I was hoping for, I would have to find the perfect vintage block – and I did!  I love, love, love this race horse block, and we will be able to use it for years to come!



I had some Crane Lettra left over from an order, and it was the perfect color and weight for this job.  So velvety and rich!  I used a 1920s newspaper page as backing for the kraft paper labels, and wrote addresses with a white paint pen.  The tags had all of the details about directions, etc. and were finished with red and white baker’s twine that I had left over from a custom order.




So cute!  Thanks Allie!

Photo Credits: Allie Ruth Design

Bold & Modern Stationery from Fig. 2 Design Studio

Claudia from Fig. 2 Design Studio had one of my favorite booths at the National Stationery Show – I just loved her collection of bright and whimsical cards.  Neon + calligraphy?  Yes please!  Claudia has been busy getting everything ready after the Stationery Show, and she just opened her online shop!  Here are a few of my favorite designs:

Check out lots more over here!

Photo Credits: Mary Kate McKenna for Fig. 2 Design Studio