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Hi everyone!  I’m back!  A huge thanks to Jane and Kate for guest blogging while I was away – weren’t their posts awesome??  I’m incredibly grateful to the both of them for filling in, considering last week was just a wee bit on the hectic side.  On Tuesday evening, my husband left for a six month work assignment in Iraq.  Approximately six hours later on Wednesday morning (with no sleep in between), I jumped on a plane and headed out to Salt Lake City for Alt.  It’s been a stressful few weeks as my husband and I prepared for his departure and it was wonderful to spend a few days in SLC with an instant support group of wonderful friends and bloggers.


I’m slooowly easing back into my routine and trying to turn all of the fabulous inspiration from Alt into coherent thoughts and ideas to apply here.  Since I didn’t get to do my usual Friday post, I thought I’d start the week off with a quick round-up of some favorite links from last week:

Back with more soon!

{image credit: refashioned}

More Paper-Inspired Pairings

It’s been such a pleasure to blog here for the last five days.  A huge thanks to Nole for letting me take over her blog this last week. I hope it’s been a fun and relaxing break for her.  I thought I would leave you with much as I began, with a few more pairings inspired by some of my favourite items from the Oh So Beautiful Paper archives.  Have a great weekend!

1. Oilcloth fabric by Cath Kidston
2. Invitations by Mitchell & Dent, originally blogged here

1. Chevron pillow by Madeline Weinrib
2. Calling cards by Sweetbeaker, originally blogged here

1. Coral decoupage by John Derian
2. Invitations by Zenadia Design, originally blogged here

1. Butterfly cushion by Bev Hisey
2. Escort cards by Wren Handmade, originally blogged here

1. Tabletop linens by DwellStudio
2. Note cards by Satsuma Press, originally blogged here

1. Aurora fabric from Rapture & Wright
2. Wedding invitations by Postal Press, originally blogged here

“More Paper-inspired Pairings” is a guest post by Jane Flanagan of Ill Seen, Ill Said.

Katy & Jeff: Wedding Website

It may seem a little strange, posting a website on a site dedicated to all things paper, but this is too good not to share.  Almost always, wedding websites do not get the care and consideration that wedding invitations do.  Katy & Jeff’s wedding website, which was designed by Stitch Design, is as beautifully simple as their save the dates.

Design Credits: Stitch Design Co. via Head vs. Heart


I’ve noticed lots of stitched paper around lately, from beautiful embroidered patterns and calligraphy, to more tongue-in-cheek renditions of typographic fonts.  I love the combined texture of paper and thread.  Here are some of my favourites:

1. From pi’lo
2. From Stitchographie
3. From Painted Fish Studio
4. From aQuick Study

1. From Curious Doodles
2. From aQuick Study
3. From Crooked Sister
4. From Stitched Cards

“Stitched” is a guest post  by Jane Flanagan of Ill Seen, Ill Said.

Inspiration Board: An Eclectic Golden Wedding

I’m currently working with a bride on her invitation suite, and we recently put together an inspiration board to help articulate her vision. We’re going for a laid-back, vintage elegance look, with golden tones and charcoal accents.

Image Credits: 1: Foundry Collective, 2. Cherry Blossom Girl, via Dress Design Decor 3: Antique packaging by Josep M. Garrofé via Blue Pool Road 4: E. Tautz Identity Program by Moving Brands, 5: Bee-Raw Honey, 6: Dai Due, via Bonnie Tsang, 7: image via Dress Design Decor