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Happy Friday everyone!  After a few unexpected delays and flight changes yesterday, I'm now finally in Salt Lake City and busy running around at the Alt Summit.  If you want to follow along with many of the bloggers attending or speaking at Alt, I created a twitter list to help make it a bit easier for you.  I'm going to run back to the conference, but in the meantime…

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a7f9bc38970b 500wi {happy weekend!} 

…a few of my favorite links from this week:

Also — since next week is our big apartment move, I've asked one of my very favorite bloggers, Jen from The Haystack Needle, to help fill in for me all week.  Jen will be sharing the details from her incredibly beautiful wedding last year, including her invitations, save the dates, and lots more, so you'll definitely want to check out her posts.  I may also be popping in once or twice with more valentines and other fun things, but otherwise I'll be back in full force the following Monday.

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A few more valentine ideas…

I love the idea of giving something a bit more permanent for Valentine's Day, so I've been paying close attention to valentines either printed on fabric or in the form of artwork.  These vintage handkerchiefs from Bird and Banner are one of my perennial favorites, particularly for Valentine's Day:

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a7f556b9970b 500wi A few more valentine ideas...{bird and banner}

These "much love" doily screen prints from Ashley G are incredibly sweet and perfect for Valentine's day:

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a7f556f9970b 500wi A few more valentine ideas...{ashley g}

And how unbelievably adorable are these fabric flower valentines from emersonmade?

6a00e554ee8a228833012876f870a5970c 500wi A few more valentine ideas...
6a00e554ee8a228833012876f870cb970c 500wi A few more valentine ideas...{emersonmade}


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French Spring Fashion

Right now I’m going from cold to colder as I head to Salt Lake City (hello snow!), but I can’t stop staring at these gorgeous dresses and outfits from the spring/summer pre-collection by Parisian fashion designer Vanessa Bruno:

Vanessa Bruno French Fashion 500x398 French Spring Fashion 

Vanessa Bruno French Fashion2 500x398 French Spring Fashion

Oh how I wish it were Spring already…

{via this is glamorous}

Valentine’s Day Card Round-Up, Part 2

So by the time you all read this, I'll be on a plane on my way to Alt!  I'm so unbelievably excited to get to meet so many of my favorite bloggers and to get a nice (re)charge of creative energy and enthusiasm from being around so many talented people.  I've scheduled some Valentine's Day goodness for you while I'm away, but you can also follow me on twitter for live updates from the conference later today and tomorrow.  But in the meantime, let's get back to our Valentine's Day card round-up!

6a00e554ee8a228833012876f3c7ef970c 500wi Valentines Day Card Round Up, Part 2{eva juliet — what could be more romantic than the french language?}

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a7f0b8c9970b 500wi Valentines Day Card Round Up, Part 2{wiley valentine}

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a7f0b8fb970b 500wi Valentines Day Card Round Up, Part 2{spring olive}

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a7f0b920970b 500wi Valentines Day Card Round Up, Part 2{la familia green}

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a7f0b92b970b 500wi Valentines Day Card Round Up, Part 2{dingbat press — for all the techies out there}

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a7f0b93a970b 500wi Valentines Day Card Round Up, Part 2{maginating}

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a7f0b951970b 500wi Valentines Day Card Round Up, Part 2{campbell raw press}

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a7f0b95d970b 500wi Valentines Day Card Round Up, Part 2{letterpress delicacies}

 6a00e554ee8a228833012876f3d674970c 500wi Valentines Day Card Round Up, Part 2{enormous champion}

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a7f0c636970b 500pi Valentines Day Card Round Up, Part 2{vandalia street press}

6a00e554ee8a228833012876f3d6a3970c 500wi Valentines Day Card Round Up, Part 2{yee-haw}

6a00e554ee8a228833012876f3d6b9970c 500wi Valentines Day Card Round Up, Part 2{missive}

6a00e554ee8a228833012876f83c27970c 500wi Valentines Day Card Round Up, Part 2{hello!lucky}

That's it for now, at least until Part 3!  And in case you missed it, you can check out Part 1 right here.

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DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas

If you're looking to do something a bit more on the DIY-side for Valentine's Day, you should definitely check out these projects from Nice Package and Twig and Thistle!  First up, the ladies of Nice Package are offering a few DIY Valentine's Day kits – choose your favorite and create a glitter key Valentine's keepsake, a fleur-de-lys, or (my personal favorite) a French air-mail-inspired Valentine:

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a7f0d09f970b 500wi DIY Valentines Day Ideas
6a00e554ee8a228833012876f3e045970c 500wi DIY Valentines Day Ideas
6a00e554ee8a2288330120a7f0d0f2970b 500wi DIY Valentines Day Ideas

Kathleen at Twig and Thistle is offering the sweetest downloads for Valentine's day – printable brownie bags!  You can choose from either of the two designs below, and then just fill up the bag with brownies, cookies, or another sweet treat:

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a7f0d105970b 500wi DIY Valentines Day Ideas
6a00e554ee8a2288330120a7f379ee970b 500wi DIY Valentines Day Ideas 
So much better than a box of chocolate.

{images credits: nice package and twig and thistle}