Business Card Ideas and Inspiration #1

I have a slight (ok, more like a major) fascination with business cards.  I love the way people infuse their personality into the design and layout of the card.  I’ve found myself drawn to a few particular design details in business card designs, so I thought I’d share a few favorites with you!

1. Cool use of pattern and negative space in the design:

Jessica-hische-pattern-business-cards{jessica hische via FPO}

Four-color-letterpress-business-card{amazing registration by SlowPrint Letterpress via card observer}

Watercolor-letterpress-business-card{watercolor letterpress business cards by dingbat press}

Negative-space-business-card{WallStreet via card observer}

2. Typography details and double-sided printing:

Vertical-typography-letterpress-business-card{shane cranford via card observer}

red letterpress photographer double-sided business card
{studio on fire}

3. Unique shapes — from circles and squares to ninja stars:

Gold-round-circle-business-card{gold lunchbox via FPO}

Ninja-star-business-card{studio on fire}

4. Laser-cut details and cards that transform into new shapes:

Laser-cut-business-card{laser-cut chipboard via jolie jolie}

Woodgrain-chair-business-card{woodgrain business card by emily berry via card observer}

Anyone else have business cards on the brain?  Or am I alone in this minor fascination?

{images from their respective sources}

The New Elizabeth Anne Designs!

Before I do anything else this morning, I just have to mention the newly redesigned Elizabeth Anne Designs!  In addition to the beautiful new look, Ami has revamped the vendor guide and filled her inspiration archives with tons of amazing content and articles — congratulations Ami!