NYIGF Recap, Part 4

One of the largest booths in the upstairs handmade section of the NYIGF was the booth of stationery representative daisyd and friends, which included a collection of stationery and paper goods from Night Owl Paper Goods, Dutch Door Press, HammerpressModern Printed Matter, Ink + Paper, Round Robin Press, and many more:

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{a sneak peek of the unbelievably gorgeous 2010 calendar from Night Owl Paper Goods}
Also in the upstairs handmade section was the booth featuring letterpress cards and prints from Yee-Haw Industries:
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I also came across this beautiful laser-cut wood and steel jewelry by Daphne Olive:
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I also spent some time in the downstairs section of the NYIGF, which featured handmade goods from international vendors.  It was in this section that I discovered these amazing textiles from Indika Imports:
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{these Tree of Life wall hangings use one continuous piece of fabric – they remind me of paper cut artwork}
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{I also loved these fabric bird garlands – called prosperity hens – hanging around the booth}
In addition to beautiful textiles, Indika also carries a lovely selection of Indian paper goods:
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I just couldn't stop staring at all of the lovely patterns and colors – so gorgeous!  You can find all of these and more right here.
That's all from this year's NYIGF – I hope you all enjoyed the recaps from the show!
{all photos by me}

  1. Thanks for showing Ink + Paper wrapping papers in photo 2! It was fun to come across it as I was enjoying the blog today. Since I wasn’t able to go to the show this year, it was really helpful to see so many pictures of what is there!

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